Unveiling the Captivating Filming Location of the Lincoln Ice Fishing Commercial

Where Was Lincoln Ice Fishing Commercial Filmed?


Ice fishing is a popular winter activity that combines the thrill of catching fish with the serenity of being surrounded by nature. Many companies take advantage of this beloved pastime to create memorable commercials. One such commercial, featuring Lincoln vehicles, has left viewers wondering where it was filmed. In this blog post, we will dive into the details and reveal the location behind the Lincoln ice fishing commercial.

The Setting: A Winter Wonderland

In order to capture the essence of ice fishing in their commercial, Lincoln chose a location that showcases picturesque winter landscapes. They found an ideal setting where snow-covered trees and frozen lakes combine to create a mesmerizing winter wonderland.

Filming Location: Lake Minnewaska, Minnesota

The Lincoln ice fishing commercial was primarily shot on Lake Minnewaska in Minnesota – known for its stunning natural beauty and excellent ice fishing conditions. Located in Pope County, this gem of a lake spans over 7 square miles and offers abundant opportunities for anglers during the colder months.

Why Choose Lake Minnewaska?

Lake Minnewaska provides filmmakers with several advantages when shooting an ice fishing commercial:

1) Accessibility: The lake is easily accessible from nearby towns as it lies just south of Glenwood in central Minnesota.

2) Scenic Beauty: With its vast expanse covered in pristine white snow during winter, Lake Minnewaska offers breathtaking visuals that perfectly complemented Lincoln’s luxurious vehicles featured in the commercial.

3) Ice Thickness & Safety: Filming on frozen lakes demands careful consideration regarding safety measures. Fortunately, Lake Minnewaska boasts thick layers of ice throughout winter due to its geographical location and cold temperatures – ensuring both cast and crew can work safely without worry.

4) Fishing Opportunities: As one of Minnesota’s top ice fishing destinations, Lake Minnewaska is known for its abundance of walleye, northern pike, perch, and other fish species. The utilization of this popular angling spot helped create an authentic ice fishing experience that resonates with viewers.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

While Lincoln filmed their ice fishing commercial on Lake Minnewaska to capture the essence of winter fishing at its finest, it’s important to note that some scenes may have been enhanced or supplemented using special effects or additional footage in post-production. This allows advertisers to create a polished final product while still maintaining the authenticity and charm portrayed by the original setting.


The Lincoln ice fishing commercial has successfully captured the beauty and allure of winter angling. By selecting Lake Minnewaska as their primary filming location in Minnesota, Lincoln combined stunning natural scenery with safe access and ample opportunities for anglers – resulting in a visually captivating advertisement. Whether you’re an avid angler or simply appreciate breathtaking winter landscapes, this commercial will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.