Your Go-To Guide for Walleye Ice Fishing: Expert Tips and Best Locations Revealed!

Where to Ice Fish Walleye: A Comprehensive Guide


Ice fishing is a thrilling outdoor activity that gives anglers the opportunity to catch various fish species, with walleye being one of the most sought-after targets. However, finding the right location for ice fishing walleye can be challenging. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the best places to ice fish for walleye and provide useful tips to increase your chances of success.

1. Northern Lakes and Reservoirs

Northern lakes and reservoirs are renowned hotspots for winter walleye fishing. These frozen bodies of water often have abundant populations of these elusive fish. Some popular locations include:

a) Lake Winnipeg (Canada)

Lake Winnipeg in Canada is known as an ice angler’s paradise due to its impressive population of trophy-sized walleyes lurking beneath its icy surface.

b) Lake Erie (United States/Canada)

The eastern basin of Lake Erie, shared by both the United States and Canada, is famous for producing massive numbers of large-sized walleyes during winter months.

2. River Mouths

River mouths where rivers meet larger bodies of water can serve as prime spots for targeting hungry wintering walleye schools seeking food and shelter from strong currents.

a) Red River (North Dakota/Minnesota)

The Red River flowing through North Dakota and Minnesota offers exceptional opportunities for catching big walleyes at river mouth areas covered in thick ice.

b) Sturgeon Bay (Wisconsin)

Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin provides excellent conditions for icing sizable catches by targeting deep holes near river mouths connected to Green Bay.

3. Deep Rocky Structures

Deep rocky structures are magnets for walleyes, especially during winter months when these fish seek refuge in deeper waters. Look for:

a) Lake of the Woods (Minnesota)

Lake of the Woods boasts an extensive network of deep rocky reefs where ice anglers can set up shop and enjoy productive walleye fishing.

b) Devil’s Lake (North Dakota)

Devil’s Lake in North Dakota is renowned for its abundance of submerged rock piles, making it a top choice for targeting walleyes during the winter season.

4. Local Recommendations

Apart from well-known locations, consult local bait shops, fishing forums, or experienced anglers to uncover hidden gems and lesser-known spots that consistently yield impressive walleye catches.

a) Check with Local Bait Shops

Local bait shops often have firsthand knowledge about nearby lakes or rivers that hold good numbers of wintering walleyes. They can provide valuable insights into recent trends and effective techniques.

b) Engage on Fishing Forums

Joining online fishing communities and forums allows you to connect with fellow anglers who may share secret honey holes or offer advice on ice fishing specifically tailored to your region.


Ice fishing for walleye offers thrilling adventures throughout the long winter months. By exploring northern lakes/reservoirs, river mouths, deep rocky structures, as well as seeking local recommendations through bait shops and online forums, you increase your chances of landing trophy-sized walleyes under the ice. Remember to follow all safety precautions while venturing onto frozen bodies of water and respect nature by practicing catch-and-release whenever possible. Happy ice angling!