The Top Spots to Fish Walleye: Your Go-To Guide

Where to Fish Walleye: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you an angler looking for the perfect spot to catch walleye? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various locations that offer excellent opportunities for walleye fishing. From pristine lakes and rivers to popular hotspots, get ready to discover the best locations for your next fishing adventure!


If you prefer lake fishing, here are some top-notch destinations known for their abundance of walleye:

1. Lake Erie

Situated between the United States and Canada, Lake Erie is renowned as a walleye mecca. The lake offers vast stretches of open water where anglers can find plentiful numbers of trophy-sized fish.

2. Lake Winnipeg

In Manitoba, Canada lies one of the world’s premier walleye fisheries – Lake Winnipeg. Known for its massive size and healthy population of walleyes, this lake provides ample opportunity to reel in both quantity and quality catches.

3. Devil’s Lake

Nestled in North Dakota, Devil’s Lake is a haven for avid anglers seeking trophy-size walleyes. Its diverse structure and abundant baitfish make it an ideal destination throughout different seasons.


If river fishing appeals more to you than lakes do, consider exploring these remarkable river systems famous among passionate anglers:

1. Mississippi River

The mighty Mississippi River boasts numerous sections along its course where fantastic walleye populations thrive. From Minnesota’s headwaters down through Iowa and Illinois, there are plenty of prime spots waiting to be explored.

2. Columbia River

Flowing through the states of Washington and Oregon, the Columbia River is home to some of the largest walleyes in North America. With its vast expanse and diverse habitats, this river offers an unforgettable fishing experience.

3. Detroit River

The Detroit River, connecting Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, is a remarkable fishery known for its world-class walleye action. Anglers flock here during peak seasons to catch trophy-sized fish while enjoying breathtaking views of downtown Detroit.


If you’re looking for popular hotspots that consistently produce impressive walleye catches, consider these renowned locations:

1. Bay of Quinte

Situated on Lake Ontario in Canada, Bay of Quinte attracts anglers from far and wide due to its reputation as one of North America’s top walleye fisheries. Its shallow waters make it perfect for both novice and experienced fishermen.

2. Green Bay

Nestled within Lake Michigan lies Green Bay – a well-known destination for avid walleye enthusiasts seeking abundant fish populations along with picturesque scenery.

3. Bighorn Reservoir

Tucked away in Montana’s Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Bighorn Reservoir offers exceptional opportunities to catch trophy-sized walleyes amidst stunning natural beauty.

No matter which location you choose from this list or beyond, always remember to check local regulations before heading out on your fishing expedition! Happy angling!