Your Go-To Guide on Where to Buy a Virginia Fishing License: Find the Best Sources Today!

Where to buy a Virginia fishing license

If you’re an avid angler and planning to fish in the beautiful state of Virginia, it’s essential to have a valid fishing license. Whether you’re a resident or non-resident, obtaining your fishing license is just a few clicks away. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of purchasing your Virginia fishing license and highlight some convenient options available.

1. Online Purchase

Gone are the days of waiting in long queues or driving around town to find a physical vendor!

The easiest and most popular option is buying your Virginia fishing license online. The official website of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) allows anglers to purchase licenses 24/7 from the comfort of their home.

To get started:

  1. Visit the DGIF website (
  2. Navigate to their “License Sales” section.
  3. Select “Fishing Licenses” from the provided options.
  4. Choose whether you are a resident or non-resident angler.
  5. Pick your desired duration for the license – options range from one day up to three years depending on availability.
  6. Add any additional permits or stamps required for specific types of fishing (e.g., trout stamp).
  7. Create an account if necessary, provide personal information as requested, and proceed with payment using secure online methods such as credit/debit card transactions.

    2. Local Retailers

    If online purchases aren’t feasible for you, don’t worry! There are still offline alternatives available.

    Virginia fishing licenses can be purchased from various authorized retailers across the state. These include local bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores, convenience stores, and even some Walmart locations.

    To find a nearby retailer:

    1. Visit the DGIF website (
    2. Navigate to their “License Sales” section.
    3. Select “Retail License Agent Search.”
    4. Enter your location or ZIP code in the search bar provided.

      3. DGIF Regional Offices

      If you prefer a more personal touch or have specific questions regarding fishing regulations, visiting one of the regional offices is another viable option for purchasing your Virginia fishing license.

      The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries operates several regional offices throughout Virginia. At these offices, anglers can obtain not only their fishing licenses but also gain valuable information about local fish populations, seasons, catch limits, and any special regulations applicable to certain areas.

      To locate a nearby regional office:

      1. Visit the DGIF website (
      2. Navigate to their “About Us” section.


        Purchasing a Virginia fishing license has never been easier! With online options allowing for convenient purchases anytime and anywhere combined with offline alternatives like local retailers and DGIF regional offices providing personalized assistance – obtaining your license has become hassle-free. So gear up, cast your line in Virginia’s abundant waters while adhering to all necessary rules and regulations!