Unlocking the Best Time to Fish in Vermont: A Month-by-Month Guide for Anglers

When is the Best Month to Fish in Vermont?


Fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers who visit Vermont often wonder about the best time to cast their lines into its beautiful lakes, rivers, and streams. While fishing in Vermont can be enjoyed year-round, certain months offer better conditions for a fruitful and enjoyable experience. In this blog post, we will explore each month’s unique characteristics and highlight the best time to fish in Vermont.

Spring Fishing: April – May

As winter gives way to spring, April marks the beginning of a fantastic fishing season in Vermont. With warming temperatures, ice melts away from lakes and rivers, awakening various species of fish from their dormant state. Spring also brings an abundance of food sources that attract hungry fish seeking nourishment after a long winter.

The prime target during spring fishing in Vermont are trout species such as brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and lake trout. These cold-water gamefish thrive during this time due to increased insect activity resulting from snowmelt runoff.

Summer Fishing: June – August

The summer months provide excellent opportunities for anglers looking for diverse options when it comes to fishing spots across Vermont’s scenic landscape. The warmer weather encourages baitfish populations to flourish near shorelines while larger predator fish follow suit.

Bass fishing takes center stage during the summer season with both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass being popular catches among fishermen. Additionally, anglers can enjoy pursuing other species like panfish (such as crappie or bluegill), northern pike or muskellunge depending on their preferences.

Fall Fishing: September – October

The transition from summer to fall showcases stunning foliage colors that paint the landscape while marking a shift in fishing patterns. With the arrival of cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours, fish become more active in their feeding behaviors, preparing for winter.

Autumn is renowned for its excellent trout fishing as the water temperature drops gradually. Brown trout and rainbow trout are particularly sought after during this time, making Vermont’s rivers an angler’s paradise. The fall season also offers opportunities to catch landlocked Atlantic salmon before they spawn.

Winter Fishing: November – March

Vermont winters may be cold, but that doesn’t stop avid anglers from enjoying ice fishing on frozen lakes and ponds. Ice fishing is a popular pastime during winter months when species like yellow perch, walleye, pike, and panfish can still be caught despite freezing temperatures.

The key to a successful ice fishing experience lies in finding areas with sufficient ice thickness while ensuring safety measures are followed at all times. It’s always recommended to check local regulations and guidelines before venturing out onto frozen bodies of water.


Vermont offers year-round angling experiences with each season providing unique opportunities targeting various fish species across its stunning landscapes. Whether you prefer casting your line during spring when nature awakens or bundling up for winter ice fishing adventures – there is never a bad time to fish in Vermont! Remember to acquire the necessary licenses and permits required by the state authorities before embarking on your memorable journey into Vermont’s abundant waters!