The Best Time to Fish in Mississippi: Discover the Ideal Month for Anglers

When is the best month to fish in Mississippi?


Fishing enthusiasts in Mississippi are blessed with abundant water bodies and diverse fish species. Whether you enjoy freshwater or saltwater fishing, there’s something for everyone. However, determining the best time to go fishing can greatly enhance your chances of success. In this blog post, we will explore the different months throughout the year and highlight when is the optimal time to cast your line in Mississippi.

1. January – The Thrill of Winter Fishing

In January, many anglers find themselves drawn to freshwater fishing as water temperatures drop and certain species become more active. Popular targets during this month include crappie, striped bass, and catfish.

The Best Spots:

  • Percy Quin State Park Lake
  • Sardis Lake
  • Ross Barnett Reservoir

If you prefer saltwater adventures during winter months, head towards coastal areas where redfish and speckled trout are highly sought after.

2. March – Spring Awakening for Fishermen

As spring begins its emergence in March, various species start their spawning season making it an excellent time for angling enthusiasts across Mississippi.

The Best Spots:

  • Pickwick Lake (Crappie)
  • Grenada Lake (Bass)
  • Horn Island (Speckled Trout)

This month also marks a great opportunity for catching largemouth bass as they move closer to shorelines searching for food before spawning.

3. May – A Bounty of Opportunities

May is widely regarded as one of the most productive months for fishing in Mississippi. The water warms up, and various species become highly active, providing ample opportunities for a successful angling experience.

The Best Spots:

  • Pickwick Lake (Bass)
  • Gulfport Harbor (Redfish)
  • Northeast Jackson County Coastal Marshes (Flounder)

If you’re looking to target trophy fish, such as largemouth bass or redfish, May offers ideal conditions for their pursuit.

4. July – Summer Delights

In July, the heat of summer makes early morning and late afternoon fishing excursions particularly enjoyable. Whether freshwater or saltwater is your preference, there’s plenty on offer in Mississippi during this month.

The Best Spots:

  • Ross Barnett Reservoir (Catfish)
  • Biloxi Bay Bridge (Speckled Trout)
  • Horn Island Sound (Red Snapper)

Fishing off the coast can be especially rewarding with opportunities to catch a variety of species including speckled trout and red snapper.

5. October – Fall Fishing Frenzy

In October, both experienced anglers and beginners can enjoy exceptional fishing experiences across Mississippi’s waters. Cooler temperatures make it comfortable to spend extended hours on the water while targeting bountiful fish populations.

The Best Spots:


  • Pascagoula River Estuary System (Red Drum)Sardis Lake(Pike)Kemper County Lake (Crappie)

    Whether you prefer bass, crappie, or red drum, October is the month to make the most of fishing opportunities in Mississippi.


    Determining the best month for fishing in Mississippi depends on your targeted species and personal preferences. However, by considering the factors discussed above and planning your angling excursions accordingly, you can significantly increase your chances of enjoying a successful and memorable day on the water. Always remember to check local fishing regulations and obtain any necessary licenses before embarking on your fishing adventures.