Unlock the Best Month to Fish in Louisiana: Expert Tips for Optimal Catches!

The Best Month to Fish in Louisiana: A Guide for Anglers

As an angler, choosing the right time to fish can greatly enhance your chances of reeling in a big catch. Louisiana, with its diverse fishing opportunities and abundant marine life, offers anglers a fantastic experience throughout the year. However, certain months stand out when it comes to optimizing your chances for success. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best month to fish in Louisiana and why it holds such allure for passionate fishermen.

Understanding Louisiana’s Unique Fishing Calendar

Louisiana’s fishing calendar is influenced by various factors such as seasonal changes, weather patterns, tidal movements, and fish migration. To maximize your fishing experience in the “Sportsman’s Paradise,” you need to delve into these aspects and align them with specific months that offer favorable conditions for different species.

The Magic of March: Spring Brings Bounty

1. Prime Time for Speckled Trout

In March, speckled trout fishing reaches its peak along Louisianan coastlines. As winter fades away and water temperatures rise above 60°F (15°C), these prized gamefish become more active making them easier to locate and catch. The wetlands around Cocodrie or Grand Isle are particularly productive during this month due to their rich ecosystem which provides food sources for hungry trout.

2. Redfish Galore!

If catching redfish is on your bucket list, March offers excellent opportunities along marshy areas like Lafitte or Delacroix Island near New Orleans where they congregate before spawning starts later in springtime.

Affluent April: Multiple Options Await

1 . Largemouth Bass Bonanza

April heralds the warming of waters, signaling the start of largemouth bass action. Head to Toledo Bend Reservoir or Atchafalaya Basin for a memorable bass fishing experience. These bodies of water are known for their healthy populations and offer ample opportunities to reel in some trophy-worthy catches.

2 . Deep-Sea Delights

If you’re looking for offshore adventures, April is an ideal month to target pelagic species like tuna, mahi-mahi, and marlin. Charter boats departing from Venice or Grand Isle can take you on thrilling deep-sea expeditions where these prized gamefish roam.

Mighty May: Multiple Opportunities Continue

1 . Inshore Action

In May, as summer approaches, inshore fishing heats up across Louisiana’s coastlines. Redfish become more aggressive while speckled trout continue their feeding frenzy before heading back into deeper waters as temperatures rise further during June.

2 . Bowfishing Extravaganza

If you want to try something unique and exciting, May offers great conditions for bowfishing trips targeting invasive species such as garfish or carp. Charters operating around Lake Pontchartrain and surrounding bayous can provide all the necessary equipment and guide you through this thrilling experience.

Fabulous Fall Fishing: September Shines Brightly

1 . Cooler Weather = Hotter Fishing

In September, cooler weather starts creeping in after a scorching summer. This transition period triggers increased activity among various fish species along Louisiana’s coasts and freshwater bodies alike.

2 . Trophy Trout Time!

Louisiana is renowned for its trophy-sized speckled trout, and September is a prime month to target these elusive giants. Head to popular fishing spots like Lake Calcasieu or Fourchon Beach for an opportunity to land a true angler’s dream catch.


Louisiana offers a year-round fishing extravaganza, but certain months provide exceptional opportunities for anglers seeking specific species or types of fishing. From the bountiful March with its speckled trout and redfish action, through April’s largemouth bass bonanza and offshore delights, to May’s inshore excitement and bowfishing adventures – the options seem endless. Finally, don’t miss out on September’s fabulous fall fishing where cooler temperatures bring new life to both freshwater and saltwater fisheries. Plan your trips accordingly using this guide as your compass, and get ready for unforgettable angling experiences in Louisiana!