Louisiana Fishing Season: Your Complete Guide to Its End Date

When does fishing season end in Louisiana

The Excitement of Fishing Season in Louisiana

Fishing is not just a hobby but a way of life for many Louisianans. With its vast lakes, rivers, and bays teeming with diverse fish species, the state offers incredible opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. However, like every good thing that comes to an end, even fishing season in Louisiana has its limits. In this blog post, we will explore when exactly the fishing season ends so you can plan your angling adventures accordingly.

Freshwater Fishing: The Closing Dates

If you prefer freshwater fishing in Louisiana’s abundant lakes and rivers, it’s essential to know the closing dates for different fish species’ seasons. Here are some notable ones:

Bass Fishing:

Bass enthusiasts rejoice! Bass fishing is open year-round in most areas of Louisiana; however, certain bodies of water have specific seasonal regulations or length restrictions during spawning periods to protect these prized gamefish.

For example:
– Toledo Bend Reservoir: No closed season.
– Atchafalaya Basin: No closed season.
– Lake D’Arbonne: Closed from May 1st to June 30th (spawning period).

Always ensure you check specific regulations for each body of water before planning your bass fishing excursion.


Catfishing remains highly popular among fishermen across the state due to the abundance and size of catfish found here. Fortunately, there is no official closing date for catfishing in Louisiana waters. Anglers can enjoy catching these whiskered creatures year-round.

However, keep in mind that certain areas might have specific creel limits or protected sizes imposed on catfish caught during certain months or seasons—be sure to familiarize yourself with local rules before you hit the water.


While not directly related to fishing, crawfishing is an integral part of Louisiana’s culture and often goes hand in hand with angling. Crawfish season typically peaks during late winter and early spring when these delectable crustaceans are most abundant. However, the exact closing date for crawfishing varies each year based on catch rates and environmental conditions.

To ensure you don’t miss out on celebrating this beloved tradition, stay updated with local news or consult with local experts who can provide information about the latest crawfish season developments.

Saltwater Fishing: The Closing Dates

When it comes to saltwater fishing in Louisiana’s expansive coastal waters, here are some important details regarding closing dates:

Recreational Seasons:

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries sets different recreational seasons for various fish species annually. Each species has its own specific limits, closed seasons (if any), size restrictions, bag limits, and even gear requirements that anglers must comply with.

Some popular fish species’ recreational seasons include:
– Red Snapper: Typically opens around June 1st until quota closure.
– Speckled Trout: No closed season.
– Flounder: Generally open year-round but subject to certain daily bag limits.

Be sure to check up-to-date regulations provided by the LDWF or consult their website before planning your saltwater fishing trip!

Shrimp Season:

Shrimping is a vital industry along Louisiana’s coastlines. The shrimping season typically spans from mid-May through December; however, precise opening and closing dates may vary each year depending on factors like weather conditions and shrimp population abundance. To ensure you make the most of this seafood delicacy, stay informed through local sources or contact relevant fisheries offices for updates regarding current shrimping openings/closings.


Fishing season in Louisiana offers endless possibilities for anglers, whether freshwater or saltwater enthusiasts. While some fish species can be pursued year-round, others have specific closing dates or seasonal regulations to ensure sustainable fishing practices. Staying informed about these dates and adhering to local regulations will help protect the state’s diverse fish populations for generations to come while ensuring you have an enjoyable and successful angling experience. So grab your gear, check those calendars, and get ready for memorable days on the water during Louisiana’s fishing season!