Ending Dates for Fishing Season in Illinois: Stay In-the-Know!

When does fishing season end in Illinois?

The Basics of Fishing Season in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, avid anglers enjoy a bountiful fishing season that stretches through various times of the year. However, it is essential to keep track of when fishing seasons begin and end to adhere to regulations and make the most out of your angling adventures. If you’re wondering about the exact duration of fishing season in Illinois or want to plan your next trip, this blog post has got you covered!

Fishing Seasons by Species

Each fish species found in Illinois has its own designated fishing seasons. Here’s an overview:


The bass fishing season typically begins on June 15th and ends on March 15th.


For trout enthusiasts, there are two primary seasons: spring trout season and fall trout season. The spring trout season runs from April 1st until October 31st, while the fall trout season starts on November 1st and concludes on March 31st.

Panfish (Bluegill/Sunfish):

Panfish have an open-season all year round; however, they are most active during warmer months when water temperatures rise.

Catfish (Channel/Flathead):

Catfishing remains popular throughout the year with no specific closed seasons for these species.

It’s important to note that certain bodies of water may have additional restrictions or specific dates associated with them. Always consult local regulations before planning your trips.

Limits and Regulations

While knowing when each species’ fishing season begins and ends is crucial, it is equally important to be aware of limits and regulations set by authorities. These rules may include daily bag limits (maximum number per day), size restrictions, and specific water bodies that have special regulations.

Year-Round Fishing Opportunities

While some species adhere to seasonal fishing periods in Illinois, there are still many year-round angling opportunities available. Some common species you’ll find all year include:


Carp are plentiful throughout the year and can be targeted even during colder months when other fish may be less active.


Crappie fishing remains fruitful during most of the year, with peak seasons occurring in spring and fall.


This popular game fish is also available for anglers to target throughout the entire year.

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall – there’s always something to catch in Illinois!


Understanding when fishing season begins and ends in Illinois is vital for any angler looking to make the most out of their time on the water. By being aware of specific species’ seasons and adhering to limits and regulations set by authorities, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. Remember to check local regulations before heading out on your next adventure! Happy fishing!