The Ultimate Walleye Ice Fishing Techniques: Catching Those Elusive Beauties!

What’s the Best Way to Catch Walleye Ice Fishing?


Ice fishing for walleye is a thrilling and rewarding experience that anglers eagerly anticipate during the winter months. However, to have a successful ice fishing trip and increase your chances of catching walleye, it’s essential to employ effective techniques and use the right gear. In this blog post, we will discuss some tried-and-true methods to help you catch more walleye while ice fishing.

Selecting the Right Location

When it comes to targeting walleye through ice fishing, location is crucial. Consider these factors when selecting a spot:

1. Research Local Lakes and Reservoirs

Do thorough research on local lakes and reservoirs known for their healthy populations of walleye. Look for bodies of water with suitable habitat features such as submerged structures or drop-offs where walleyes tend to congregate.

2. Seek Professional Advice

Consult local bait shops or experienced anglers who have extensive knowledge about specific lakes or reservoirs in your area. They can provide valuable insights into where the fish are biting and help you select an ideal location.

3. Use Online Resources

Leverage online resources like fishing forums, social media groups, or interactive maps designed specifically for anglers seeking advice on ice fishing locations.

Gearing Up Properly

To make your ice fishing adventure fruitful, having appropriate gear is paramount:

1. Ice Auger:

Invest in a reliable ice auger that allows you to drill holes efficiently without wasting precious time.

2. Ice Fishing Rod:

Choose an appropriate length (usually around 24-36 inches) medium-light power rod specially designed for jigging walleye. Opt for a sensitive tip to detect subtle bites and ensure optimal control over your lure.

3. Ice Fishing Reel:

Select a spinning reel with a smooth drag system, as it will help you tire out the powerful walleye without breaking your line.

Bait Selection

When it comes to bait selection for walleyes during ice fishing, there are several effective options:

1. Live Bait:

Minnows, such as fathead or golden shiners, are popular choices amongst ice fishermen due to their realistic movement and enticing scent that attracts hungry walleye.

2. Artificial Lures:

Jigging spoons, swimming jigs, or soft plastic baits imitating minnows can also be productive when targeting walleyes through the ice. Experiment with different colors and sizes until you find what works best in your chosen location.

Jigging Techniques

Mastering proper jigging techniques is crucial for success:

1. Gentle Jigging Motion:

Use gentle upward and downward motions of your rod tip while imparting subtle twitches. This mimics wounded prey and lures nearby walleye into striking.

2. Vary Jigging Speeds:

Walleye can exhibit varying feeding moods on any given day—some may prefer slow presentations while others might respond better to faster jigging speeds. Experiment with different speeds until you discover what triggers the most bites.

The Importance of Patience

While employing all the right techniques increases your chances of catching more walleye while ice fishing, patience is key:

Never rush through hole hopping or continuously change locations after only a few minutes if you aren’t getting immediate results.
Give each spot enough time for your presentation to attract nearby walleye before moving on.


Catching walleye while ice fishing requires a combination of proper location selection, appropriate gear, bait choices, and effective jigging techniques. Remember to do thorough research on potential fishing spots, consult local experts or online resources for advice, and gear up properly with ice augers, rods, reels suited for the task. Finally, exercise patience throughout the process. By following these tips and putting in some effort into preparation and execution, you’ll significantly increase your chances of reeling in that prized walleye during your next ice fishing adventure!