Finding the Perfect Rippin’ Rap Size for Walleye Ice Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide

What Size Rippin’ Rap is Best for Walleye Ice Fishing?


Ice fishing for walleye is a popular winter activity that requires specialized gear and techniques. One essential tool every ice angler should have in their tackle box is the Rippin’ Rap. This versatile lure has gained popularity due to its ability to attract walleye and trigger strikes. However, choosing the right size Rippin’ Rap can greatly affect your chances of success on the ice. In this blog post, we will explore different sizes of Rippin’ Rap suitable for walleye ice fishing.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Size Lure

Using an appropriately sized lure is crucial when targeting specific fish species like walleye. The size of your lure determines how it appears underwater, its depth control, and its overall effectiveness in attracting fish. When it comes to Rippin’ Raps, selecting a size that closely resembles the natural prey of walleyes increases your chances of enticing them to bite.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Size

The Season

Consideration must be given to the prevailing season when selecting a size for your Rippin’ Rap lure. During early or late ice periods, when water temperatures are colder and fish are less active, downsizing your bait may increase success rates since smaller lures appear more natural under these conditions.

On the other hand, during midwinter when small panfish become abundant food sources for larger predators like walleyes; using larger-sized lures might yield better results as they imitate these easy meals more effectively.

Fishing Depth

Understanding the water depth you’ll be fishing in plays a significant role in deciding which size Rippin’ Rap you should use. Lighter and smaller lures are ideal for shallower waters as they can be easily maneuvered without sinking too quickly. Conversely, when fishing in deeper water, a larger Rippin’ Rap will allow you to reach the desired depth levels more efficiently.

Forage Availability

Another crucial factor is identifying the primary food source available to walleye in your chosen fishing location. Observing the local ecosystem and understanding what prey species are prevalent during that time of year helps determine whether you should opt for a smaller or larger-sized Rippin’ Rap.

Recommended Sizes for Walleye Ice Fishing

1/8 oz – 1¼ inch (size 03)

This size is perfect for early ice conditions or if walleyes are feeding on tiny baitfish, such as minnows or young panfish. The small profile of this lure combined with its subtle yet enticing action makes it an excellent choice when fish are less active.

5/16 oz – 2¼ inch (size 05)

The mid-range option offers versatility and can be used throughout the season. It imitates medium-sized baitfish effectively and works well in various depths. Its increased weight allows for longer casts while maintaining control over the desired depth range.

7/16 oz – 2¾ inch (size 07)

For targeting big walleyes or when fishing deep waters where large prey fish like ciscoes prevail, go for this heavier option. Its bigger size draws attention from trophy-sized walleye seeking substantial meals beneath the frozen surface.

Trial and Error: Experimentation is Key!

Remember that no single-size rule applies universally to all situations since fishing conditions change rapidly along with fish preferences. Therefore, experimenting with different sizes of Rippin’ Rap based on the factors mentioned above is crucial to determine which size works best for you in a given scenario.


Choosing the right size Rippin’ Rap can significantly impact your walleye ice fishing success. By considering various factors such as season, fishing depth, and available forage, you can make an informed decision on which size lure to use. Remember to experiment with different sizes and pay close attention to fish behavior on the ice. With some practice and patience, you’ll find the perfect-sized Rippin’ Rap that will consistently attract walleyes during your ice fishing adventures.