Texas Fishing 101: Exploring the Most Common Fish Species to Catch in the Lone Star State

The Most Common Fish to Catch in Texas: A Guide for Anglers


Texas, known for its vast waterways and diverse ecosystems, offers anglers a unique opportunity to reel in some of the most sought-after fish species. From rivers and lakes to coastal regions, this great state is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. In this blog post, we will explore the top fish commonly caught in Texas waters and provide insights on where and how you can have a successful angling experience.

Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides)

One of the most popular freshwater gamefish in Texas is undoubtedly the Largemouth Bass. Known for its fierce fight and impressive size, anglers from all over flock to Texas rivers and lakes just to chase after these mighty creatures. Whether you’re casting your line at Lake Fork or Sam Rayburn Reservoir, expect encounters with largemouth bass weighing anywhere between 5-15 pounds!

Tips for Catching Largemouth Bass:

1. Use topwater lures early morning or late evening when they are most active.
2. Target areas with vegetation such as lily pads or submerged grass.
3. Experiment with different retrieval techniques like slow rolling or twitching baits.

Redfish (Sciaenops ocellatus)

When it comes to saltwater fishing along the Gulf Coast of Texas, Redfish takes center stage. Also known as Red Drum or simply Reds, these powerful fish offer an exhilarating challenge that keeps anglers coming back for more. With their distinct copper-colored bodies and signature black spot near their tails, redfish make quite an impression both visually and gastronomically.

Tips for Catching Redfish:

1. Look out for signs such as tailing activity (waving tails above water) or wakes on the surface.
2. Use live bait like shrimp, mullet, or crab for a higher chance of success.
3. In shallow waters, sight casting can be highly effective when targeting redfish.

Crappie (Pomoxis spp.)

Crappie is another popular fish species that anglers love to target in Texas. These panfish are known for their delicious white meat and cooperative nature, making them an excellent choice for beginners and avid fishermen alike. Whether you’re fishing at Lake Conroe or Lake Lewisville, crappies provide year-round excitement due to their abundance and willingness to bite.

Tips for Catching Crappie:

1. Fish around submerged structures such as brush piles or fallen trees where crappie often seek shelter.
2. Utilize light tackle with small jigs or minnows to entice bites.
3. Pay attention to depth variations as crappie tend to suspend at different levels depending on the time of day and season.

Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis)

If you’re craving a thrilling fight from a hard-hitting predator, look no further than the Striped Bass in Texas waters! Known for their aggressive feeding habits and impressive size potential exceeding 40 pounds, stripers attract enthusiastic anglers all year round. From lakes like Lake Texoma to coastal regions near Galveston Bay, these powerful fish guarantee an unforgettable angling experience.

Tips for Catching Striped Bass:

1. Locate schools of striped bass using sonar devices or by observing diving birds indicating feeding activity.
2. Troll large crankbaits or swimbaits along drop-offs where stripers often congregate.
3. Consider using live bait such as shad during periods of high feeding frenzy.


Texas offers a wealth of opportunities for anglers to engage in thrilling fishing experiences. Whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater fishing, targeting largemouth bass, redfish, crappie, or striped bass will undoubtedly provide excitement and memories that last a lifetime. So grab your gear, head to one of Texas’ picturesque water bodies, and get ready for an angling adventure like no other!