What is Fly Fishing? Where to Fly Fishing?

What is fly fishing?

Fly Fishing is one of the fishing techniques that are currently widely used by anglers in various parts of the world. This technique is an ancient fishing technique and is still used today. Fly fishing is a fishing technique using bait that is placed on the surface of the water so it looks like a fly or insect.

The bait used is usually using artificial bait in the form of insects and other small animals such as caterpillars, larvae and small fish made from various materials such as wire, beads, hair, and feathers that are linked to fishing hooks to attract fish’s attention by placing it on the surface of the water to make it look like its original prey in the wild. Of course, the bait provided is adjusted to the type of fish you want to catch. Generally, bait-shaped insects or flies which is natural food from trout and salmon.

North Carolina

Fly fishing in North Carolina is a good choice. River water from the mountains provides the right place for fish habitat. Trout is the main game for fly fishing North Carolina where anglers will feel a challenge when fishing. There are many best places for fishing in North Carolina, some of which are pretty much recommended for good fishing spots including Davidson River, South Mills River, Wilson Creek, South Toe River, The Mitchell River, Oconaluftee River and other places for NC.

There are some interesting tips that can be done when fishing with fly fishing in NC. Trout became the main prey, which is divided into three types, namely rainbow trout, brown trout, and brook trout. There are at least 3,000 miles of open trout streams in North Carolina where you will get more trout.


Idaho is a fishing destination that provides a pleasant experience. There is much fish that can be found in Idaho ranging from trout, salmon, mountain whitefish, catfish, white sturgeon, bass, crappie to walleye.

There are many interesting places that are widely used for fishing in Idaho. Some places that are often used for fishing are Snake River that flows along the road which is a branch of the Columbia River with rainbow trout and brown trout as the main target, then there is Little Salmon River in the northwest of the state with many trout found, and Big Wood River which has an amazing view and is a great place in Idaho with various types of trout that can be found here ranging from the brow, rainbow to brook trout.

There are a few tips before fishing in Idaho to follow. To be able to do fly fishing in Idaho it’s a good idea to check the weather. Warmer weather will be a good opportunity for fishing. To be able to get a good fishing location, following the latest information regarding a good place for fishing can be the right idea.

Maine Fly Fishing

Maine has many rivers that are suitable for fishing. There are several rivers that are the best places for fishing. The first place is the Presumpscot River to find trout and land-locked salmon. This creek will have a good opportunity for fishing in the summer. Then there is the famous Rapid River as the best place for fly fishing in Maine.

This river has its own uniqueness where there is a pond that is in the middle of the river and there is a habitat of brook trout and land-locked salmon. For Rapid River, there are strict regulations that are only allowed for fly fishing. St. George River where many brook trout and brown trout will be found along with smallmouth bass.

Megalloway River breaks the flow of water into several lakes where there are much fish to large ones. Brought trout and land-locked salmon are easy to find.


Florida is a good place for anglers to get saltwater fish such as tarpon, redfish, and speckled trout. Fly fishing is a good choice for getting more interesting challenges. Practicing fishing skills with fly fishing techniques will provide a fishing experience that is both challenging and fun.

There are many good places for fly fishing Florida including Naples, Lake Okeechobee, Boca Grande, Little Econ River, Lake Tarpon and Lake Kissimmee. Fly fishing in Florida will give you an exciting fishing experience.

Texas Fly Fishing

Texas is a great place for fishing, especially for those of you who are learning to fish. It provides challenging fishing spots with various types of water both in saltwater and freshwater. There are many types of fish that can be found in Texas ranging from trout, redfish, sunfish, Rio grande cichlids, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass to Guadalupe bass.

Fishing in Texas is quite interesting and challenging to try. Some places of interest for fly fishing include Guadalupe River, Llano River, Lampasas River Fishing, Blanco River, and Pedernales River. Choose the right fishing time by considering the weather. Hot weather may be bright but temperatures can be hot during the day. So choose the right weather to fish and try to keep looking at the latest fishing information.

Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana becomes one of the fishing destinations that will provide exciting experiences. Beautiful scenery supported by the cool air makes fishing more enjoyable. There are many interesting places for fly fishing in Montana. Some of them are well-known is the Missouri River is a great place for fishing wild trout, measuring an average of 18 inches.

Then there’s The Yellowstone River, the best place for fly fishing Montana. The Blackfoot River holds many surprises for anglers with scattered trout habitat. Montana is good and nature is maintained; its authenticity is found in The Bighorn River with wild brown and rainbow trout populations.

Utah Fly Fishing

Utah is a destination for many anglers to get more exciting fishing challenges. There are many fishing destinations ranging from rivers, streams to lakes that are so many in number to be explored by anglers. The Green River is one of the famous fishing spots.

Fly fishing in Utah with dry flies will make the brown and rainbow trout come out on their own to reach the bait. Middle Provo River also provides spectacular views and is a fishing spot for fly fishing Utah. The main catches are browns and rainbow trouts. Calm water and cool air make The Logan River a favorite place for anglers. Brown and rainbow trout caught bait quickly.

Utah fly fishing that is no less interesting is Strawberry Reservoir located in a mountain valley with shady trees that adorn the river. Get rainbow trout and if you are lucky you can get kokanee salmon or smallmouth bass.

Fly Fishing Wyoming

Wyoming is one of the fishing spots that must be on the list of anglers. Having natural scenery and fishing waters that are still clean makes it very worth a try for fishing.

Some of the interesting fishing spots in Wyoming offer more exciting fishing challenges. Yellowstone National Park is the best fishing spot where it will be easy to get various types of trout ranging from brook, brown, and lake trout. Snake River is a place worth trying to fly fishing in Wyoming.

The challenging experience of beating an aggressive trout will be a pride. Leigh Lake can be a different fishing spot. Big fish and trout will be easy to find. For Wyoming fly fishing at Leigh Lake can be tried by bringing a bigger bait.

Fly Fishing Virginia

Virginia is a familiar place for anglers. The existence of the Fly Fishing Festival which is a popular sport gets a lot of attention from anglers. It is not surprising that this region is visited by many people to share a purpose, especially for fly fishing in VA. For fishing locations in Virginia, there are lots of interesting and challenging places for fly fishing in Virginia.

The existence of lakes, rivers, and ponds surrounded by trouts makes it more interesting. Mossy Creek became the first fishing destination to try. Get challenging with wild trout that will test your fishing skills. Fishing at Mossy Creek must obtain permission to start fishing activities.

Buffalo Creek where you will get trout that will challenge you. To be able to fish here, it requires permission in advance for a free fee. Actually, there are more places for fishing in Virginia. Come in the summertime to get a more challenging fishing sensation.

Fly Fishing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania provides a memorable fishing experience. Anglers will probably get a lot of new experiences when fishing in Pennsylvania. Fly fishing in PA can provide its own challenges for anglers to get out of their comfort zone. There are many fishing spots you can try to fly fishing in Pennsylvania.

Some recommended places are Yellow Breeches Creek which holds lots of trout to lure. Trout here is not difficult enough to be conquered if you know the right tricks to place the hook in a location near cold water. Pennsylvania fly fishing that is no less interesting is Slate Run where there are wild trout that can be a challenge.

Another place that is worth a try is Big Fishing Creek, which has clear and cold waters with a large population of trout, especially brown trout and large brook fish. Little Lehigh Creek also has cold waters which are favored by trout, especially in summer. Here also provided a special fishing spot (bridges) for anglers.


Alaska offers exciting fishing activities with a variety of interesting challenges for anglers with fly fishing in Alaska. There are many types of fish that can be found here. Visiting Alaska in the summer can be a good idea for Alaska fly fishing. Catching large salmon can be a challenge for anglers. Usually catching salmon is done in May. Discovering a true fishing experience with stunning natural scenery can be found in Alaska.

The best places for fishing in Alaska include the Kenai River, which is widely known by anglers as an attractive spot for Alaskan fly fishing. To get a more exciting experience, there are salmon and trout in the headwaters that are ready to be lured. The Russian River also provides an interesting spot for trout fishing. Time for better fishing can be done when the summer progresses.


Arkansas provides a hidden paradise for anglers. It provides a variety of fishing experiences that are amazing. There are many places in Arkansas that have fishing spots that can make anglers feel challenged to try. Some interesting places that are worth exploring to fly fishing in Arkansas are White River, located under Bull Shoals Dam.

This place is very famous among anglers. Another location that is also interesting to be a good fishing spot is the Norfolk River which is under the Norfolk Dam. Arkansas offers various types of trout including rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat, and even brook. For more challenging fly fishing, choose Little Missouri River as a fishing spot.

Find various types of fish ranging from trout, and smallmouth to walleye. You will be given a more impressive fishing impression on this river.


Fishing in Arizona will give its own impression. Surrounded by beautiful natural scenery makes Arizona a great fishing spot. There are many fishing locations in Arizona. Fly fishing in Arizona can be done by choosing the right location. Az fly fishing that is widely recommended is Black River which has fresh natural scenery and is the best place for fishing.

There are fishes that can be caught including bass and rainbow trout. Another interesting location is Roosevelt Lake for fly fishing in Az. In this lake, find a large population of bass that gathers among the rocks. Lake Mead is also an interesting spot for fishing. Discover various types of fish such as striped bass, largemouth bass, and catfish channels that are scattered along the lake.