What are the Best Lures for River Salmon?

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Fishing river salmon must be one of the most interesting freshwater fishing activities, but at the same time, it can be quite challenging as well. People have to go to a specific area when they want to fish a specific salmon type. Of course, they want to e successful with their salmon fishing so they have to consider the right method and lures to reach their goal. TheĀ best lures for river salmonĀ and the fishing method will depend on several aspects including the salmon species, season, and the region. Many lures can be found but people can consider these options when looking for the best lures for their salmon fishing.


Salmon lures are varied but it is not only the type of lures that must be considered carefully but also the color of the lures. The lure color that can be used will depend on the waterways where they will fish. People can use the lures with any color but red when they want to fish in the water that has up to 50 feet depth. The red light actually will be absorbed within 20-25 feet depth from the water surface. When people are fishing in clear deep water, the lures in purple, blue, and green can be used.


The best lures for river salmon especially when people are fishing in a muddy stream or river must be spinners. Using this type of lure will be effective because it comes with the vibration that can attract the fish especially when it is not visible enough. The best success of fishing the river salmon using fish spinners lures can be found when people do not reel too fast and too furiously. This is the right lure for people who want to fish for steelhead salmon.


The next lure to consider is the plug. This lure can be considered as the most effective and versatile lure that can be used for river salmon fishing. It sounds quite complicated to fish with plugs because there are various shapes, sizes, and colors available. Trolling wobbling plugs with banana shape can be a great way to enhance the success of fishing king salmon. Wrap plugs can be used along with some anglers for luring the king salmon. However, it is better to use rattle with non-wobbling plugs when salmon fishing in clear shallow water.


Jigs can be considered when people find large schools of salmon near the river mouth. It is better to match the shape or size of the jig with the hatch. The weight of the jig should also be considered. Fishing king salmon in deep water with more than 50 feet depth will be more effective with a large and heavy jig. A lighter jig can be chosen for fishing coho salmon.


People can try to troll or reel the spoons for fishing freshwater salmon. It will attract the fish easily either the coho salmon or the king salmon. Different types of spoons must be considered as the best lures for river salmon by considering the way they will use it and the depth of the water.