West Point Lake Fishing Report 2020: Guide For Anglers

The massive 26,000-acre reservoir, a vast variety of fish species, the abundance of challenging fishes, and a large number of fishing options, are some of the attractive points of West Point Lake. From the crappie, largemouth bass, to hybrids fishes are available in the water. Regarded as one of the most popular fishing destinations, here is the Brief West Point Lake fishing report with a guide at how to fish in this water.

Here Are Some Guidance Before Fishing at West Point Lake

» The Fishes

West Point Lake come with numerous fish species that very generous in term of sizes. From the well-known largemouth bass, the stripers, catfishes, crappies, spotted bass, to the hybrid fishes are available for almost the whole year. West Point is known as it produces quality bass. From early studies, the minimum size limit from the lake is a 14-inch long bass. In the year 2008, the spawn rating is successfully rising due to the higher water level.

In the meantime, Striped Bass stocking programs along with abundant Crappie and Catfish have flourished the water with bigger catches. Eventually, the West Point Lake fishing report for every week or years will always come with new trophy fishes and a higher number of recorded catches. How about the fish size? You can expect crappie in 9 inches or larger, 15 – 24- inch Catfish, 5-pound striped bass, or 12 – 20 inches spotted bass.

» The Targets Locations And Seasons

Every fishing needs the greatest time and location. As West Point has abundant fishes, you need to come at the right time. Local or international anglers love to come in spring, fall, and early winter. Just like other locations, these seasons are mostly when you find crowds. Indeed, the perfect weather, warm temperature, larger number of a food resource, and spawning time is the reasons why the fish are biting.

The seasonal West Point Lake Fishing report comes with information that each fish tends to come for different locations and times. For example, the spotted bass and largemouth bass. A location such as ripraps along bridges is the best all-time. Both species are spotted under the creek or deeper creek in spring. The channels and rocky points when the weather warm. While the deep and river channel will be the best location for the winter season.

» The Techniques

When it comes to the techniques, you have tons of options. Opt for live cricket or worm baits for general fishing techniques. If you are experienced anglers, using live shad is good to go. For great action fishing, use trolling jig techniques written in West Point Lake Fishing reports for bass. Otherwise, do still fishing using minnows or jigs, while using stinky and cut baits for the opportunity to catch catfish.

Till here, those are some information regarding the fishing activities in West Point lake fishing. With large are and abundance fishes, your time will mostly fruitful. Accompanied by the most suitable technique and target area, you can expect more than enough catch a day. From the large bass, catfishes, hybrid fishes, crappies, etc. are available in numerous spots, and you can use any kind of techniques to catch your dream fish.