Tips for Largemouth Bass Fishing in Clear Water

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Largemouth bass fishing in clear water is more of a challenge than many may think. Clear water provides a host of unique problems for fishermen and fisherwomen especially in calm lakes. While clear water allows the fish  to be seen by the fishermen, the fish can see boats and the fishermen even clearer. Clear water also makes lures and line easier to see making their selection more important. And if that isn’t enough, the clear water allows sunlight to penetrate further pushing the largemouth bass into deeper water.

While clear water provides a lot of challenges to those fishing for largemouth bass, with a little preparation and modification of tactics the bass can still be caught. Fishing in clear water makes the use of clear line important as it is more difficult to see in clear water. Going with a lighter weight line might also be a good idea to make the line more difficult for the largemouth to spot.

Lures for clear water largemouth bass fishing need to be realistic in appearance and presentation. Fish will have no trouble spotting the lure and there is no need for unnaturally flashing colors. Matching the lure to natural prey fish present in the water is more important in clear water than at other times. The lures should be fished quickly in order to keep the fish from getting a good look at the lures. When tying on lures be certain to make a neat knot and trim off the tag as close as practical to avoid an unnatural look. The use of live bait in clear water can also help increase the chances of catching bass.

Those fishing for largemouth bass in clear water need to think like a wading trout fisherman. Dress in muted colors to reduce the risk of being spotted, move slowly near the water or when leaning over the side of the boat to avoid attracting attention, and cast from cover whenever possible. Also be aware of your shadow when fishing clear water. In the early morning and late evening shadows can be quite large, so keep this in mind when approaching a new area. Approach with the sun in your face and stop farther than normal from likely spots when bass fishing in clear water.