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The Best Baits for Largemouth Bass

There really is not much of a better live bait than a nice, big, juicy night crawler worm when fishing for largemouth bass. When presented properly to the fish, the wriggling worm appears to be swimming through the water as a worm or small snake normally would. The best bait for catching largemouth bass is worms, grubs, small mice, small frogs and leeches. The baits presented to the large mouth bass should be live, and fish scents can be used if the bait is not working on it’s own.

When referring to bait, we must not include lures, but the bait need not necessarily be alive. dead worms, minnows, grubs, etc., can still catch their fair share of largemouth bass, as long as the fish are in a feeding mood, or are protecting their present habitat. Largemouth bass can be very territorial, so use top-water crank baits to flush them out, them start with live baits if they do not strike the crank baits, or if they stop striking them.

Many fishermen fish only for largemouth bass, and most use lures, and resort to bait when the lures are not producing. Live minnows may work well with some large mouth bass, but they are nowhere near the best baits to catch these possible lunkers. Largemouth can have huge bellies, and gigantic mouths, but this does not mean that large hooks should be used. The largemouth bass will strike a smaller lure or bait presentation before tackling something bigger, because they are confident in catching the smaller offerings.

The larger hooks can not only injure the largemouth bass irrevocably, they can also easily tear the mouth of the bass, where the hook is most often set. Smaller hooks, used 2 or 3 in series, about an inch apart, will enable the setting up of a great worm harness, and still be not visible to the fish. The smaller hooks also stand a much better chance of being swallowed by the larger large mouth bass, and will not so easily break the tissue of the fish’s mouth, making landing them as probable as catching them.

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