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Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

Here are some summer largemouth bass fishing tips to help anglers to keep catching largemouth bass even through the hot months of summer. Summer is often the time of year that most anglers are able to hit the water most  often and it is a great time for bass fishing. Whether the angler is fishing in lakes, ponds, or rivers a variety of lures, baits, and presentation can be used to catch largemouth bass in the summer.

Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – Fish the Shade

Largemouth bass do not shy away from bright light like other game fish species, but during the heat of the day look for bass to be in shaded areas of the water. Look for areas where the current enters the shade and make realistic presentations into this area. Anglers should cast into shade under trees, bridges, and docks for bass during hot summer days.

Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – Fish Deep

Deeper water is generally cooler and largemouth bass will often be found deep in hot weather. Fishermen should work their lures along underwater channels, steep banks, and other areas where underwater structure might provide a place for bass to feed. Cooler water can also be found near springs and where streams enter the lake or river.

Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – Fish Early and Late

Early morning and late evening is almost always the two best times of the day to fish, but this is especially true during the hot months of summer. Start before the sun comes up and end well after the sun has gone done for the best chances of catching summer bass.

Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – Fish at Night

Night time fishing isn’t just for catfish. Largemouth bass can be caught all night long during many periods of the year. Topwater lures are fairly easy to use after it gets dark and can generate a lot of hits when cast into shallow water areas where bass come into feed.

Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – Bring Bug Repellant

Hot weather and finicky bass are enough to deal with without bugs in your face. Especially when fishing early and late, bug spray can make the difference in a pleasant fishing experience and misery.

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