Shiners: the Best Live Bait for Largemouth Bass

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There are countless ways to fish for largemouth bass, but one of the most proven live baits is shiners. While most modern day fisherman barely give live bait a second though, you would be smart not to and give consideration to using shiners when fishing for largemouth bass.

The first thing you need to realize about using live bait is that patience is key. Not many people can sit back and watch a red bobber floating on the water as they wait for the largemouth bass to attack their bait.

The next crucial part is making sure you have the right live bait and that would be shiners or minnows. Shiners are prevalent across the southern United States and the ideal bait fish when they are anywhere from 4 inches to 8 inches.

When it comes to getting hold of shiners, you have two options. You can spend a few bucks at your local live bait shop or spend a few hours trolling the local waters until you find a free supply.

Which ever way you choose is fine, you need to make sure you keep them alive for when you go out fishing for largemouth bass. You can pick up a small aerator pump and hose at a local pet store for under $15. Make sure to run this set up until the last moment when you pack up your belongings and head out to your favorite fishing hole.

Now you must decided how you are going to use the shiners when you are fishing for the largemouth bass. There are two different options you can chose based on personal preference.

My personal favorite is using a bobber rig which will keep the shiner at a set depth while it swims about. Bobber selection is important because you can run into major problems if it is too small. The shiner will be able to drag the bobber down and find some vegetation to hide in.

Be sure you allow anywhere from one to four feet of fishing line between the shiner and the bobber. When you hook up the shiner, it is best to run the tip of the hook through the back of the shiner, right behind the fin. This will allow your live bait the best chance to swim naturally.