Red Lake Ice Fishing: The Ice Anglers Ultimate Tips Guide

Upper Red Lake is very famous for its ice fishing walleye. For years, this location is consistent and known for holding insane populations of walleyes. While it needs easy fishing techniques, fishing on top of the ice can be challenging and scary for the beginner. To help you get familiar with the idea of Red Lake Ice Fishing, this article will tell you the basic yet ultimate guide of everything you need to know.

The Fish Location

At some point, there is a worry when trying to catch fish. You need to think about the lake structure, underwater structure, etc. Surprisingly, this matter doesn’t matter in Upper Red lake. For the most part, you can expect an abundance of fishes roaming around chasing bait throughout the areas. In this matter, you can move around to mark the fish position. After you found one, mark fish and set up a shop.

It is important to consider and moving out to deeper and clearer water. Most of the time, this location is the best ticket for you. However, there are times when ice fishing can be done in 5 to 9 feet of water next to shore. Some good places to start are the Humps, pressure ridges, and the clear water area. It is also recommended to use an application such as Navionics or LakeMaster.

The Best Lure Possible

Due to the population of walleye, ice fishing on Red Lake is quite easy to do. But it will be easier if you use the best lure. Some experienced anglers recommend starting your fishing using spoons, then small jigs, and lastly aggressive rattle baits. For the spoons lure, you can use either rattle or flutter one. For example, use MC Tingler as the slow flutter spoon for your Red Lake ice fishing lure.

Other than that, you can try to use the rattle spoon such as the VMC rattle Spoon. This kind of lure is very common and popular for red lake fishing. Another option you can use is the small jigs. This location is known for its classic minnow bite and jigs, thus use the teardrop jig. Rattling lipless crankbaits such as Rapala Slab Rap is not popular but it is best for though and aggressive bait.

Upper Red Lake Ice Fishing Regulation

Wherever you are going to fish, there will be some regulations you should check on. Always check the most current regulation wherever you go. There are four red lake ice fishing regulations, such as you can only keep 1 over 17″ fish. The daily and possession limit is 4. Catch and cook is allowed, but keep the carcass with you. For pike, 26″ – 44″ fish should be released with limit is three.

Those are some basic tips you should know before you start ice fishing in Upper Red Lake. As it covers a larger number of locations, choosing and understanding where to find the fish is very vital. It also works with choosing the lure for your fishing pole. If you get both tips, later you can expect high success rates. Since you fish in a public area, don’t forget and keep your fishing activities under the red lake regulation.

The Enjoyment

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