Pyramid Lake Fishing: Best Time For Fish

Have you ever go to Pyramid Lake? A lot of fishing enthusiasts said that when the fishing is good, this location in California and it is a truly world-class fishing destination. As it is known as the best location, it doesn’t mean you will always succeed. Being successful in fishing here is a matter of knowing where, when, and how to fish in this picturesque desert lake. Without further ado, here is the best time for Pyramid Lake fishing for you.

January To March

Around this month is the later winter when the temperatures around the shore will remain in the 40′. During this time the weather is unpredictable and the fish metabolism plus activity are rather low. Most of the fishes are out in the deep, except for the trout (which is common in shallow). If the weather is warm you can expect slower catches. Otherwise, there is a possibility of slow fishing with good size and quality fish.

March To April

This duration is the best time for fishing in this location. As it is the spawning month and the temperature reaches the high 40′, fish getting more active inshore. This time is considered as the best Pyramid Lake Fishing time, which is proven with big crowds. In these months you can expect big fishes caught on shallow water. All because most of the mature cutthroat trout are ready to spawn and inshore.

May And June

Along with the rising water temperature, the cutthroat spawn is over and the trout are out of your reach. You should not expect a bigger catch in this duration, at the same time it is not recommended to do shore fishing. The Tahoe Sucker and Cui-UI fishes are starting to run up the Truckee River to spawn. You can move location for better catches and look for better opportunities to get those fishes.

June To Early Fall

Pyramid Lake fishing is mostly died out in summer. Along this period from June to October, you should consider going for an epilimnion location or thermocline location. Both locations will have different prospects and possible catch. You can expect bigger scoops on the thermocline where the trout gather around for cooler water. You might also get the Tui chub on shallow water for a brief moment.

October To December

As the fall pyramid lake fishing season approaches, the surface water temperature is dropping and the days get shorter. This time is one of the best known to fish in this location. Many crowds will gather to fish the cutthroat trout, along with the lingering schools of fish and Tui chub. It can be said that the best time for pyramid lake fishing is when the water temperature is in the low 50’s and high 40’s which will stay till January.

Those are the timeline of fishing in the pyramid lake. There are numerous species of fish you can find in this location, which explain the possibility to fish all year round.

However, most of the best catch will depend on the water temperature, food resource, and spawn time. You can see from the timeline, the best month to fish is around March to April and October to December. Thus, consider the time for the best experience.