Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 2020: The Top 4 Fish Species

Pyramid Lake is known as the site with the world record of biggest Lahontan Cutthroat Trout on 41 pounds ever landed. And this location is also known as the only place where you can catch the unique and ancient fish, Cui-ui fish. A great number of anglers are come to this location to land ginormous fishes. But what kind of fishes are residing here? Taking a look at many local and official Pyramid Lake Fishing Report, these are 4 best Species you can land.

4 Different Species In Pyramid Lake

The Ancient and Endangered Cui-Ui

While it is known as the ancient fish, the Cui-ui or The Chasmistes cujus are swimming around the area as big fish species. The large suckerfish that only live in this northwestern Nevada Pyramid Lake, have a maximum size of 2,7 kg 64 cm (female) and 1,6 kg 53 cm (male). This endangered species gave wide and flathead while the body is long and slender. As it is a bottom feeder fish and low in population, it would be great to take quick photos after you land it.

The Enormous Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

Mentioned in many Pyramid Lake fishing reports, the Lahontan Cutthroat trout is one of the over 2-million-year old fish which is considered as one of the fish species with humongous size. At some point, in 1925 there is a recorded catch with 41-pound fish which later break the world record. With the increasing number of this particular species, nowadays the Pyramid Lake fishery maintains the ecosystem along with managing trophy-sized fish.

The Important Fish Species Tui Chub

As one of the potential catch, the Tui Chub species have an important role in the overall ecosystem health in this fishery. If you are want to fish here, the Pyramid Lake fishing report explains two different forms of Tui Chub. They are Obesa creek Tui Chub and Pectinifer Lake Tui Chub. Most of the time, the two species will spawn at different times. But overall it can be found in spring or mid-May. While in winter, it resides in the deepwater lower than 61 meters.

The Tahoe Sucker That Look Like Cui-Ui

The Tahoe Sucker which is very similar to Cui-ui is very frequent in this lake. While it has a very familiar appearance with Cui-ui, you can distinguish it from the thicker incised lower papillose lip. Just as the other official or local weekly Pyramid Lake fishing report mentioned, this kind of species is the main prey of LCT which has a high contribution to the pyramid lake ecosystem, so don’t waste time and carefully return it to the lake after you land it.

Once again, the pyramid lake is very famous for its humongous trout population. The Lahontan cutthroat trout itself is the most possible fish you can land in this water. With the great size and challenge, this fish offers action punch fishing experiences for all anglers. However, the Cui-ui is another attractive fish you can find. Being the only site where is reside, many anglers are tempted to find and land one of these ancient fish.