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Largemouth Bass Fishing in Muddy Water

Largemouth bass fishing in muddy water is something that few people look forward to but it is something that happens. I am guilty of setting out for a couple hour trip to a favorite lake or river to bass fish without checking the recent weather in the area only to arrive and find muddy water. And sometimes I just want to fish so badly that I purposefully go out and fish muddy water. While muddy water presents a number of problems, it also provides some opportunities for those prepared to take advantage of them. Here are some tips to use the next time you set out to largemouth bass fish in muddy water.

The first thing that a fisherman should try to find when fishing muddy water is clearer water. In large bodies of water, tributaries will bring muddy water into the main pool at certain areas. Where these tributaries enter the larger water will often be the muddiest part meaning that fishermen should stay away from these normally good producing areas. Even areas that are slightly clearer are going to be more likely to hold fish. Spring fed tributaries and underwater springs will also be sources of clearer water. Mud in the water reduces oxygen in the water and forces bass and other fish to find clearer water. The muddy water will also work to keep the bass in the shallows as the mud settles out of the water making deeper areas muddier. An area of clearer water near structure is the ideal place to start looking largemouth bass.

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