Lake Simcoe Ice Fishing

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In winter, Lake Simcoe becomes the main destination for spending time fishing. Located in Southern Ontario, Lake Simcoe provides a fishing experience with ice frozen on it. Even the activities in this lake will be denser in winter compared to other seasons. Many anglers come to experience fishing in the freezing ice. To be able to maximize your maximum fishing there are a number of things anglers can do about Lake Simcoe Ice Fishing.

Whitefish Is The Most Hunted Fish

Although there are several types of fish in Simcoe Lake, whitefish are the most sought after fish by anglers. This is because whitefish have a larger size with tasty and soft flesh. No less interesting than this fish is when the angler can get one of the whitefish, then there will likely be more whitefish gathered around. There are many techniques used by anglers to attract the attention of whitefish including chumming and jigging spoons.

Time For Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe

Fishing in a frozen pond offers an interesting challenge. Some anglers may have difficulty in finding the right location for fishing on Lake Simcoe. This is also due to frozen ice that covers the surface of the water. Therefore, you need to be prepared so that you can fish to the maximum. You can choose a fishing location that you think is good, if within 25-30 minutes you have not yet gotten one of the fish, you have to move to another location.

Ask The Operator About The Condition

It is better for anglers to ask the condition of the existing ice to the operator if the ice conditions are not convincing. Anglers can ask for conditions from ice to ensure that the fishing location is safe and controlled. The information provided to the anglers is the latest information so that anglers can know more clearly about the state of the ice.

There Are Many Shacks In The Ice Lake During Winter

Ice fishing at Lake Simcoe is a very popular activity, so many ice huts will be found by operators. To see a list of operators renting huts, you can look at the Lake Simcoe website and MNR office. It’s a good idea to come before the 15th of March when you want to fish. This is because all ice huts will be issued.

Under Certain Conditions, The Fish Must Be Released

Can catching fish in a frozen lake would be a pleasant experience. But some things need to be known for anglers when fishing. If you catch fish that the angler might not like to cook, then the fish must be released after catching. This also applies when fishing outside the season.

Manage Your Own Trash

The number of anglers present to fish on Lake Simcoe in winter will certainly also leave rubbish. To prevent the garbage from being scattered about, visitors must keep their place clean. Keeping the lake clean from rubbish is a must. Lake Simcoe ice fishing is popular with many people so that the litter of garbage is littering more and more, so it is important to be responsible for each other’s waste.