Ice Fishing on Lake of the Woods: 5 Species to Fish

Lake of the Woods is a unique lake where it is located on the border between Canada and the United States. This lake occupies the Ontario and Manitoba region for the Canadian region, while the region in the United States itself occupies the Minnesota region.

The existence of Lake of the Woods is very much preserved by the surrounding community. To realize this, there are several communities located not far from the lake area. Lake of the Woods also has its charm from the conditions that are still very natural.

Therefore, Lake of the Woods is also used as a tourism location for various activities that are close to nature. The activities that are often carried out here are like camping activities and fishing activities. Right, here you can do camping activities as well as ice fishing on Lake of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods has various types of fish species that you can catch or fish. However, when ice fishing, there are usually only five species of fish that you can get. Also, during this condition, there are often events held for those who want ice fishing here. Below will be explained five types of fish species that you can find when fishing here later.


The first type of fish that you can get later is the type of walleye or often referred to as yellow pike. These fish species are usually numerous and are often found in the Canadian region and the northern American region. In southern Ontario, the walleye itself is often referred to as the yellow walleye.


The second type of fish that you can find next is sauger fish. This fish is a relative of the Percidae fish family, so it looks like a walleye fish. The average weight of this type of sauger fish can be obtained by anglers around 300 to 400 grams in weight.

Northern Pike

The next type of fish that you can get when ice fishing on Lake of the Woods is northern pike. This type of fish can grow to an average length of 40 to 55 cm. Most northern pike fish is characterized by olive green, yellow shades that turn white in the abdomen, and short spots like white light on the body.

Yellow perch

Then there are the types of yellow perch fish. This fish is commonly found in North America and is more yellow than other types of perch fish such as in Europe or Asia because this is their habitat. This fish can be large with a size of 38 cm with a weight of 1 kg.

Lake Sturgeon

Last is a type of lake sturgeon fish or often also known as rock sturgeon. This type of fish has a very long lifecycle. For this type of male fish can live up to 55 years, while females can reach 80 to 150 years. This type of fish has a long but fast life cycle when they are still in their teens.

That’s the five types of fish that you can get when ice fishing on Lake of the Woods later. If you take part in a race that is being held there, there will usually be a requirement where you need to take part. Like releasing back into the water after being caught.