Hybrid Bluegill Identification and Spawning Time

In recent years the interest of having ponds is quite high. While stocking up on fish for your pond can be exciting and fun, you also need to consider the type and the species. In this case, one of the most popular and highly demanded kinds of fish is the Hybrid Bluegill. Different from the normal bluegill, there are some key differences that important to help you maintain a balanced pond. Here is what you need to know about bluegill hybrid.

Hybrid Bluegill Identification

When you are going to purchase this fish, make sure you know the difference between the normal and the hybrid ones. Both of the species don’t have many differences. Bluegill is always known for being feisty and thrives in the rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes. Most of the time they can grow up to 10 inches long. It is also applied to the bluegill hybrid. The most prominent distinction is origins.

Just as the name says, you can expect that the hybrid bluegill comes out as a result of cross-breeding. This particular fish is a cross between female sunfish and male bluegill. This resulting in the brood is 80 to 90 percent male. With this percentage, you can see that reproduction is much slower than the normal bluegill. That is why this type of fish is the most favorite choice for recreational lakes or ponds.

Another distinct contrast of the two fish is the appearance. The hybrid is easily recognized by its small head and mouth. It also has a plain black gills flap with the black spot on the base of the back fin. At the same, you can notice the fish by its mouth that considered as larger than the normal bluegill. There are also yellow margins that can be seen along with the hybrid bluegill’s pelvic and anal fins.

Do Hybrid Bluegill Reproduce?

Hybrid Bluegill, the species that easy to produce. Contrasting with the high percentage of male brood, this species is considerably easier to produce. Compared to other hybrids fish such as hybrid striped bass, this species is preferable. As long as you can properly identify both sexes used in the cross, the reproduction will result in success. Otherwise, it can ruin the production of the entire pond. There is no need for hormone treatments for production.

The Spawning Time

This kind of hybrid fish has a relatively productive and reliable pond spawning. Even with your pond, the spawning months of hybrid Bluegill around May to mid-June will mostly happen. Make sure the water temperature is around 65- 85 F, while the nest is in 1 to 4″ of water. It is also recommended to have a 3 to 1 ratio between prey and predator. Thus, you can properly breed this species.

Until here, you have read the basic information regarding this particular fish. Just as the name implies, the hybrid species are produced by crossbreeding of male bluegill and sunfish. While it has a higher percentage of male broods, but it is relatively easy to produce. With spawning around May to mid- June, you can easily breed and make this species live in your pond. So if you are interested to build your pond, you can opt for this fish.