How to Use A Bait Caster

Fishing is one of the most favorite hobbies that people in the world love most. Some people only say fishing is just a hobby, but meanwhile, some of them turn this hobby into a job. This means that fishing can be a source of earning money, so the fishers can feed themselves and feed their families. However, as a hobbyist, fishing is a perfect activity when they are bored. All we do is wait patiently and relax while waiting for a fish to catch the bait. Hobbyist fishers will be excited when they catch a big game. The rod itself is a weapon for them, and because of that, in this article, we will talk about how to use bait caster.

What is a Bait Caster?

Well, bait caster is actually a reel on the rod we use. It has a shape of a revolving spool on the top of the casting rod, and it has a trigger handle. So, it is different from a spinning reel because it is located underneath the spinning rod, and the line guides are facing down.

How to use it

Well, about how to use bait caster, we need a heavy bait. What kind of lure we need must be around 7 grams or above because it is heavy to cast the lure, and it must surpass the weight of the spool and the line. Casting it with a light lure because fishers often got a backlash when casting with it.

There is one problem when casting a bait caster reel. It is the wind that came from the opposite direction of the cast. The casted lure will become slower from the line of the spool, and this made fishers get backlashes. Because of that, we must train our thumbs, and train to use the magnetic brake and centrifugal brake from the bait caster reel system. So, we won’t face a lot of backlashes anymore in the future.

First, we need to make sure that the line on the reel is enough and attach the roll on the rod. Then, we should use a lure that weighs above 7 grams. The most important part when controlling the spool speed to avoid backlashes is by adjusting the spool tension knob and brake.

Usually, the magnetic brake has the number from 1 to 10. Then, we should set the number at maximum. After that, fasten the spool tension knob so we can give pressure on the spool. The lure hung on the edge of the rod and not falling down since we set the spool tension knob at max, so the spool won’t be spinning. Then, loosen up the spool tension knob from bit to bit and make the lure go down. Make sure that when the lure goes down, the spool doesn’t spin.

Finally, do your first cast. This cast won’t be too far or getting backlash. Then, adjust the magnetic brake from maximum to 8. So, that is how to use bait caster. It is not complete, but I hope it works.