Quick & Easy: Obtain a One-Day Fishing License in Maine Hassle-Free!

How to Get a One Day Fishing License in Maine

If you’re planning a fishing trip to beautiful Maine, you may be wondering how to obtain a one day fishing license for your adventure. Fortunately, the process is simple and convenient, allowing you to quickly get on the water and start casting your line. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps required to obtain your one day fishing license in Maine.

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

The first step towards acquiring your one day fishing license is visiting the official website of Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife (MDIFW). You can easily access their website by searching for “Maine MDIFW” on any search engine.

Step 2: Locate Licensing Information

Once on MDIFW’s website, navigate to their licensing section. This can typically be found under headings such as “Licenses” or “Fishing.” Take some time to browse through the information provided as it will give you an idea about pricing options and other relevant details.

Step 3: Select Your License Type

In this case, choose the option that allows you to purchase a one day fishing license. Usually, they have different durations available ranging from single-day licenses up to full-year licenses depending on personal preference or duration of stay in Maine.

Step 4: Complete Required Information

To proceed with purchasing your one day fishing license online, complete all necessary fields provided accurately. This usually includes personal information like name and address as well as additional details such as date of birth and contact information.


Maine often requires individuals over a certain age range (typically sixteen years old) to have both a fishing license and a valid identification document. Make sure to have these documents ready as you may need to provide proof of identity during the process.

Step 5: Pay for Your License

After providing the required information, proceed to pay for your one day fishing license securely using the available online payment methods. MDIFW usually accepts major credit cards, debit cards, or other secure forms of electronic payment.

Step 6: Receive and Print Your License

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an electronic copy of your one day fishing license via email or download link. It’s recommended to print out this document and keep it with you at all times while engaging in recreational fishing activities within Maine.


In some cases, MDIFW may also send you a physical tag that must be visibly displayed on your outer clothing while participating in certain types of angling activities such as salmon or striped bass fishing. Be aware of any additional requirements specific to your chosen location or species.

The Benefits of a One Day Fishing License

A one day fishing license offers several advantages for both tourists and locals alike. With this convenient option, individuals can enjoy an exciting day out on Maine’s abundant water bodies without committing to long-term expenses associated with full-year licenses. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or simply exploring recreational opportunities close to home, obtaining a one day fishing permit allows flexibility while adhering to state regulations.

In Conclusion

If you’re planning on enjoying Maine’s breathtaking landscapes through its fantastic lakes and rivers by casting a line into its rich waters even just for a single day trip – obtaining a one-day fishing license is quick and easy. By following the steps outlined above and acquiring your permit from MDIFW, you can enjoy a memorable fishing experience while complying with state regulations. So grab your gear, get out there, and make the most of Maine’s incredible fishing opportunities!