Unlocking Success: A Comprehensive Guide on Walleye Fishing with Planer Boards

The Ultimate Guide: How to Fish with Planer Boards for Walleye

Do you want to take your walleye fishing game to the next level? Using planer boards can be a game-changer! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about fishing with planer boards for walleye. From understanding what planer boards are and how they work, to setting up your gear and reeling in that trophy catch – we’ve got you covered!

What Are Planer Boards?

Planer boards are specialized devices used by anglers when trolling for fish like walleye. These simple yet effective tools consist of a board-like structure that floats on the water’s surface while attached to your fishing line. They help spread out multiple lines away from the boat, expanding your coverage area and increasing your chances of catching more fish.

Why Use Planer Boards for Walleye Fishing?

Using planer boards provides numerous advantages when targeting walleye:

1. Wider Coverage Area: By deploying multiple lines at varying distances from the boat using planer boards, you can cover a larger area of water.

2. Stealthy Approach: The use of planer boards helps keep your main fishing line away from the boat’s disturbance, reducing any spooking effect on cautious walleyes.

3. Precision Control: Adjusting each board’s distance from the boat allows you to precisely target specific depths or structures where walleyes tend to congregate.

4. Increased Catch Rates: With more lines in play, there is an increased chance of attracting curious or hungry walleyes towards your baited hooks.

Setting Up Your Gear

Before hitting the water with planer boards, it’s crucial to ensure all equipment is properly set up:

1. Rigging Your Rods: Select medium-heavy or heavy-action fishing rods with sturdy reel setups capable of handling the additional pressure exerted by planer boards.

2. Choosing Planer Boards: Consider investing in high-quality planer boards designed specifically for walleye fishing. Opt for models that offer adjustable keels and come with easy-to-use release mechanisms.

3. Tackle Selection: Use a variety of walleye-specific lures such as crankbaits, jigs, or live bait rigs to increase your chances of enticing strikes from these elusive fish.

4. Attaching the Boards: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to securely attach the planer boards to your fishing line using snap releases or other specialized release systems.

Deploying and Maneuvering Planer Boards

Once you have properly set up your gear, it’s time to deploy those planers and start trolling:

1. Launching Planer Boards: Place one board on each side of your boat and gently lower them into the water while holding onto their release lines.

2. Spreading Out Your Lines: Attach separate baits/lures at different distances behind each board using leader lines, allowing you to cover a wider area horizontally.

3. Controlling Distance from Boat: Adjust each individual board’s distance from the boat by releasing more or less line until you achieve desired spread.

4. Monitoring Board Movement: Keep an eye on the position of each board in relation to boat speed and direction, making adjustments when needed to maintain optimal spread and depth coverage.

Reeling in That Trophy Walleye

When a walleye strikes one of your baited lines connected to a planer board, it’s time for action:

1. Quick Response is Key: Immediately engage with any striking fish by reeling steadily but not too aggressively; avoid jerking motions that could result in lost hooksets.

2. Secure the Catch: Once the fish is hooked, play it carefully and bring it closer to your boat. Be patient and avoid rushing, as walleyes are known for their occasional last-minute escape attempts.

3. Landing the Fish: Gently guide the hooked walleye towards your net or use a gripper tool to bring it aboard without harming both yourself and the fish.

4. Celebrate Your Success: Capture those memorable moments with photos before safely releasing undersized or unwanted catches back into the water.


Fishing with planer boards for walleye can be an incredibly rewarding experience, providing you with opportunities to catch more fish while enhancing your angling skills. By understanding what planer boards are, properly setting up your gear, deploying them strategically on the water, and executing effective reeling techniques – you’ll have all that it takes to land that trophy-sized walleye of your dreams! So grab your planer boards and hit the water today; adventure awaits!