The Ultimate Fishing Guide: Mastering Walleye with Blade Baits

The Ultimate Guide: How to Fish Blade Baits for Walleye

Are you an avid angler looking to add walleye fishing with blade baits to your repertoire? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about fishing blade baits for walleye. From selecting the right equipment and understanding the technique to finding the perfect location and maximizing your chances of success, let’s dive in and reel in those trophy-worthy catches!

Understanding Blade Baits

Before we delve into the specifics of walleye fishing with blade baits, it’s crucial to grasp what these lures are all about. Blade baits are metal lures that feature a flat body design with a thin profile. They typically have one or more blades attached, which create vibration and flash underwater when retrieved.

Gearing Up for Success

To ensure a successful venture targeting walleye using blade baits, having the right equipment is paramount:

Rods and Reels

Opt for medium-action spinning rods between 6’6″ and 7’6″. Pair these rods with high-quality reels featuring smooth drag systems capable of handling 8-12 lb test lines.

Fishing Line Selection

Select monofilament or fluorocarbon lines within the range of 8-12 lb test strength. These lines provide optimal sensitivity while maintaining enough strength to handle feisty walleyes.

The Perfect Blade Bait

Different blade bait models work effectively depending on various factors such as water depth, current conditions, and fish preferences. Experimenting with different shapes (such as shad-shaped or traditional), sizes (between 1/2 to 1 oz), and colors (silver, gold, or vibrant patterns) will help you determine what works best.

The Technique

Mastering the right technique for fishing blade baits is crucial when targeting walleye:

Casting and Retrieving

Start by casting your blade bait near potential hotspots such as drop-offs, submerged structures like rock piles, or areas with strong current. Let it sink to the desired depth before beginning your retrieve. Use a combination of slow lifts and quick drops while keeping a constant rhythm to mimic an injured baitfish.


If you’re fishing in deeper waters or during colder seasons when walleyes tend to be more lethargic, vertical jigging with blade baits can be highly effective. Drop your lure straight down and impart subtle upward movements followed by controlled falls.

Finding Walleye Hotspots

To increase your chances of landing walleye while using blade baits, focus on these key locations:

Drop-Offs and Humps

Walleyes often lurk along steep drop-offs and humps adjacent to deeper water. Target areas where these structures intersect with cover such as rocks or weeds for higher success rates.

Main Lake Points

Main lake points serve as natural funnels that concentrate baitfish populations – making them attractive feeding grounds for walleye. Cast blade baits along these points’ contours and experiment with different depths until you locate active fish.

Tips for Success

Here are some additional tips to maximize your efficiency when fishing blade baits for walleye:

Vary the Retrieve Speeds

During your fishing session, try a range of retrieve speeds to identify which one elicits the most strikes. Sometimes walleye prefer a slow and subtle presentation, while other times a faster retrieve may trigger their predatory instincts.

Pay Attention to Water Temperature

Temperature plays a crucial role in walleye behavior. As water temperatures rise or fall, adjust your approach accordingly. In colder months, slow down your presentations and focus on deeper areas where fish seek warmer water.

Experiment with Different Blade Baits

Don’t be afraid to experiment with various blade bait models, sizes, colors, and even different blade configurations. Walleyes can demonstrate distinct preferences depending on conditions and mood.

In Conclusion

Fishing blade baits for walleye is an exciting technique that can yield fantastic results when executed correctly. By understanding the nuances of this method, selecting appropriate gear, perfecting the retrieval technique, locating hotspots and employing these tips for success – you’ll significantly enhance your chances of landing those prized catches time after time!

Now it’s time to hit the waters armed with this knowledge! Happy fishing!