Ned Rig Walleye Fishing: Expert Tips and Techniques Revealed!

How to Fish a Ned Rig for Walleye: A Comprehensive Guide


Fishing enthusiasts and anglers know that targeting walleye can be an exciting endeavor. These elusive creatures require specific techniques and tools to ensure a successful catch. One such technique gaining popularity is fishing a Ned Rig for walleye. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of how to effectively fish a Ned Rig for these prized fish.

Understanding the Ned Rig

Before diving into the specifics, it’s essential to understand what precisely constitutes a Ned Rig. The Ned Rig is characterized by its simplicity – it typically consists of a small mushroom-shaped jighead paired with a soft plastic finesse bait or worm-like lure.

Picking the Right Gear

Selecting an Appropriate Fishing Rod

When it comes to fishing with a Ned Rig, choosing the right rod is crucial. Opt for an ultralight or light spinning rod that has enough sensitivity and backbone to detect nibbles while providing enough power to handle potential larger catches.

Braided or Fluorocarbon Line?

Deciding on the appropriate line type depends on various factors, including water clarity and personal preference. However, many experienced anglers recommend using fluorocarbon lines due to their low visibility in water and excellent sensitivity.

Nailing Down Techniques

The Art of Casting & Presentation

When casting your Ned Rig, aim for areas known as “walleye hotspots” such as drop-offs near structure, rock piles, submerged vegetation edges, or points where current flow concentrates preyfish. Slowly reel in your line with gentle twitches interspersed with pauses to mimic injured baitfish – this entices walleye into striking.

Mastering Retrieval Styles

Drag and Shake

One popular retrieval method for fishing a Ned Rig is the drag and shake technique. After casting, let your jighead settle on the bottom before dragging it gently along. Incorporate short pauses to simulate a struggling preyfish, which walleye find irresistible.

Hop and Drop

Another effective retrieval style is the hop and drop. Lift your rod tip slightly to hop the lure off the bottom, then allow it to fall back down while maintaining tension on your line. This action mimics a wounded baitfish fluttering downward, often triggering aggressive bites from hungry walleye.

Tips & Tricks for Success

Paying Attention to Water Temperature & Time of Day

Walleyes are known for their preference for colder waters. Therefore, focus on fishing during early mornings or evenings when water temperatures are lower. Additionally, consider using temperature gauges or mobile apps designed specifically for anglers to monitor ideal water conditions.

Experiment with Different Colors & Sizes

Walleyes can be picky about what they bite, so don’t hesitate to experiment with various colors and bait sizes until you find what works best in specific conditions. Popular color choices include natural tones like green pumpkin or black/blue variations.

In conclusion, mastering the art of fishing a Ned Rig is an excellent skillset for any angler looking to target walleye effectively. By selecting appropriate gear, understanding different techniques and retrieval styles, as well as paying attention to water conditions and experimenting with lures’ coloration – you’ll increase your chances of landing that prized walleye catch!