Exploring the Cost of a Tennessee Fishing License: All You Need to Know

How much is a Tennessee fishing license?

Fishing enthusiasts in Tennessee are fortunate to have an abundance of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs that offer excellent opportunities for angling. However, before casting your line into the water, it’s important to ensure you have a valid fishing license. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of licenses available in Tennessee and provide detailed information on their costs.

Types of Fishing Licenses

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) offers several options when it comes to fishing licenses. The type of license you need depends on various factors such as your residency status, age, duration of validity needed, and whether you plan to fish recreationally or commercially.

Resident Fishing Licenses

If you are a resident of Tennessee who plans to fish solely within the state’s boundaries for recreational purposes, there are two main categories of licenses available:

  1. Annual Resident Fishing License: This license is valid for one year from the date of purchase and costs $34.
  2. Lifetime Resident Fishing License: For avid anglers who plan on enjoying many years of fishing in Tennessee waters, this option provides lifetime access at a cost of $210.

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses

If you’re visiting from out-of-state or not considered a resident by TWRA standards, there are also non-resident licenses available:

  1. Daily Non-Resident Fishing License: Priced at $20 per day,
  2. Seller’s Permit with Dealer License – Fish Bait Only: This permit allows individuals or businesses to sell fish bait without engaging in fishing themselves. The cost for this license is $250.

Additional License Options

Tennessee offers several specialized licenses that cater to specific fishing activities:

  1. Senior Citizen Fishing Licenses: For residents aged 65 and older, a senior citizen discount is available on fishing licenses, reducing the price to $11.
  2. Disability Fishing Licenses: Individuals with certain disabilities may be eligible for discounted or free fishing licenses. Additional documentation will be required when applying for these licenses.

Purchasing a Tennessee Fishing License

The TWRA provides convenient options for purchasing your Tennessee fishing license:

  • In-Person: You can purchase your license from any authorized TWRA agent, such as sporting goods stores, county clerk offices, and online retailers like Walmart or Bass Pro Shops.
  • Online: Skip the lines by visiting the official TWRA website (www.tnwildlife.org) and complete your transaction digitally. This option allows you to print out a temporary license immediately after purchase while waiting for the physical copy to arrive in the mail.
  • Via Phone: If you prefer speaking with a representative directly, call the TWRA office at (615) 781-6500 during regular business hours and provide them with the necessary information over the phone before receiving your digital or physical copy of the license.

Fishing Responsibly in Tennessee Waters

In addition to having an appropriate fishing license, it’s crucial to follow all relevant rules and regulations set forth by TWRA while enjoying Tennessee’s beautiful lakes and rivers. Always educate yourself about local fishing guidelines, size and quantity limits, and any specific restrictions in certain areas or during particular seasons.

By obtaining a Tennessee fishing license and adhering to the rules, you can ensure a safe, enjoyable, and sustainable fishing experience while exploring the state’s abundant waterways.

In Conclusion

Tennessee offers an array of fishing licenses tailored to meet different needs. Whether you’re a resident or non-resident angler planning to fish for leisure or commercial purposes, TWRA has various options available at reasonable prices. Remember to obtain your license through authorized agents or online platforms before heading out on your next fishing adventure in Tennessee!