Arizona Resident Fishing License: Discover the Cost of Obtaining One!

How Much is a Resident Fishing License in Arizona?

Exploring the Cost of a Resident Fishing License

Are you an avid angler living in Arizona or planning to visit the beautiful state for some fishing adventures? One important requirement for anyone looking to cast their lines into Arizona’s breathtaking waters is obtaining a resident fishing license. In this blog post, we will delve into the various factors that determine the cost of a resident fishing license in Arizona.

Fishing License Fees and Categories

Arizona offers different types of fishing licenses based on age, duration, and residency. To make sure you have all the information needed before purchasing your license, let’s break down each category:

1. General Fishing Licenses

General fishing licenses are available for residents who plan to fish recreationally throughout the year. These licenses cover both urban lakes and statewide waters within Arizona’s boundaries.

For residents aged 10-17, a general youth combination hunting/fishing license costs $5 per year while adult residents (18 years old and above) can obtain an annual general combination hunting/fishing license for $37.

If you prefer shorter durations or are visiting temporarily, other options include one-day ($15), two-day ($20), five-day ($32), and 10-day ($42) general fishing licenses.

2. Urban Program Licenses

If you primarily enjoy angling at one of Arizona’s urban lakes such as Phoenix-area “core” community parks or Tucson Water department lakes like Silverbell Lake or Kennedy Lake Park, an urban program fishing license may suit your needs better.

Similar to general fishing licenses, youth residents (ages 10-17) can purchase an annual urban program combination hunting/fishing permit for $5 while adult residents pay $24 annually if they wish to fish solely at these designated locations.

Short-term urban program licenses are also available, including one-day ($15), two-day ($20), and five-day ($32) options.

3. Disability Fishing Licenses

Arizona provides reduced-cost options for residents with disabilities who wish to enjoy the state’s fishing opportunities. Those who qualify can obtain an annual combination hunting/fishing license for $10 or a one-year fishing-only license for just $3.

4. Military Permits

Active duty military members stationed in Arizona have access to special fishing permits at discounted rates. They can purchase an annual general combination hunting/fishing permit for only $10, allowing them to explore the state’s waters during their time off-duty.

Where Can You Get Your Fishing License?

Acquiring your resident fishing license is a breeze thanks to various convenient methods offered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department:

1. Online: Visit the official website of the Arizona Game and Fish Department ( where you can quickly purchase your desired license using a credit card.
2. Phone: Dial 602-942-3000 during office hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm MST) to speak with a representative and complete your transaction over the phone.
3. In-person: Head over to any authorized licensing dealer across Arizona, such as outdoor sporting goods stores or local bait shops, where you can find assistance in obtaining your license.

It’s important to note that regardless of how you choose to acquire it, make sure you have proper identification on hand when applying for your resident fishing license.

Fishing Regulations and Additional Information

Now that you know about the cost of a resident fishing license in Arizona let’s briefly touch upon some key regulations set forth by the state:

1. Bag & Possession Limits: Familiarize yourself with specific limits on particular fish species to ensure you comply with Arizona’s conservation efforts.
2. Catch-and-release: Although fishing is a popular pastime, it’s crucial to practice responsible angling by releasing fish that do not meet the size or species requirements set by state regulations.
3. Local Restrictions: Different bodies of water may have additional rules and restrictions, so research specific areas before casting your line.

For more detailed information regarding Arizona fishing seasons, regulations, and locations, consult the official website of the Arizona Game and Fish Department or reach out to their knowledgeable staff.

In Summary

In conclusion, obtaining a resident fishing license in Arizona is essential for anyone looking forward to enjoying the boundless opportunities offered by its stunning lakes and rivers. The cost depends on factors such as age, duration of stay, disability status (if applicable), and preferred fishing locations within the state.

Whether you opt for a general license covering statewide waters or an urban program permit targeting specific urban lakes, purchasing your desired resident fishing license can be easily achieved online through the AZGFD website or via authorized licensing dealers across Arizona. Remember to follow all relevant fishing regulations and restrictions during your angling adventures while exploring this outdoor enthusiast’s paradise!