Misouri Fishing License: Pricing and Information for Non-Residents

How much is a non-resident fishing license in Missouri?

Understanding the cost of a non-resident fishing license in Missouri

If you’re planning a fishing trip to the beautiful state of Missouri and you’re not a resident, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations regarding non-resident fishing licenses. In this blog post, we will explore how much a non-resident fishing license costs in Missouri and provide all the information you need for your upcoming angling adventure.

The different types of non-resident fishing licenses

Missouri offers several options when it comes to purchasing a non-resident fishing license. Depending on the duration of your stay and your specific needs, you can choose from various types of licenses:


One-day permit:

If you plan on indulging in just one day of angling bliss, this shorter-term option might be perfect for you.


Three-day permit:

For those looking for an extended weekend getaway or short vacation packed with fantastic fish-catching opportunities.


Fishing Season (Annual) permit:

Ideal for avid anglers who plan to visit multiple times throughout the year or want flexibility during their stay.

Remember that each type serves different purposes depending on the length and frequency of your visits, so make sure to select wisely.

The cost breakdown

Now let’s get into what really matters: how much these permits cost! Here is an overview:

1. The one-day permit typically costs $8 USD.
2. The three-day permit is available at around $24 USD.
3. For those seeking unlimited access throughout the entire year, an annual Fishing Season Permit is priced at approximately $42 USD.

These fees are subject to change over time, so be sure to check the latest pricing on the official Missouri Department of Conservation website or contact a local fishing license vendor.

Where and how to purchase

To obtain your non-resident fishing license in Missouri, you have several convenient options:



Visit the official Missouri Department of Conservation’s website and follow their user-friendly process for purchasing your permit online.



If you prefer an in-person experience, drop by any authorized local vendor such as bait shops, sporting goods stores, or even some big-box retailers across the state.

Regardless of which method you choose, ensure that all required documentation is readily available during the purchase process. This may include personal identification and proof of residency if requested.

The benefits of obtaining a non-resident fishing license

While it may seem like an additional expense and paperwork hassle for non-residents visiting Missouri solely for fishing purposes, there are numerous advantages to acquiring a valid non-resident fishing license:

1. Compliance: By obtaining a license, you show respect for conservation efforts while adhering to state regulations.
2. Access: With a valid permit in hand, you can legally fish at various scenic lakes and rivers throughout Missouri.
3. Support: The revenue generated from these licenses aids in maintaining healthy fish populations and preserving natural habitats.

It’s important to note that failure to possess a proper non-resident fishing permit can result in fines or legal consequences. So why risk spoiling your trip when obtaining one is both affordable and straightforward?

In conclusion

Now that we’ve covered everything about non-resident fishing licenses in Missouri – from types and costs to where and how to purchase them – you’re well-equipped with knowledge needed for your angling expedition! Remember not only will securing a valid permit keep you out of legal trouble, but it also supports Missouri’s conservation efforts. So go ahead and plan your exciting fishing adventure in the beautiful state of Missouri with confidence!