How Much Does a Tennessee Fishing License Cost? Your Guide to Pricing

Tennessee Fishing License: Cost, Types, and Information


Are you an avid angler planning a fishing trip to Tennessee? Before you cast your line into the beautiful lakes and rivers of this state, it’s crucial to understand the requirements of acquiring a fishing license. In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of obtaining a fishing license in Tennessee – including cost, types available, and other essential information for ensuring compliance with local regulations.

The Importance of Obtaining a Fishing License

Fishing licenses serve as legal permissions granted by the State of Tennessee that allow individuals to engage in recreational or commercial fishing activities. These licenses play a vital role in maintaining sustainable fish populations and supporting conservation efforts throughout the region.

Fishing License Costs in Tennessee

Resident Fishing Licenses

If you are a resident of Tennessee aged 16-64 years old, several options are available when it comes to purchasing a fishing license:

1. Annual Fishing License: This license costs $34.
2. One-Day Fishing License: For those who want to try their luck on just one day, this option is available for $6.50.
3. Senior Citizen (65 years old and above): If you meet the age requirement set by the state government guidelines as a senior citizen resident in Tennessee, you can purchase an annual license at reduced rates for only $22.

It’s important to note that these prices may vary slightly due to administrative fees or additional charges associated with specific licensing agents.

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses

If visiting from another state or country but eager to experience Tennessee’s abundant freshwater resources firsthand through angling adventures; non-residents have their own set of options:

1. Annual Non-Resident Fishing License: This permit costs $51, granting access to fishing for a full year from the date of purchase.
2. 10-Day Non-Resident Fishing License: For shorter visits or vacations, this license is available at a cost of $28.
3. Three-Day Non-Resident Fishing License: Ideal for weekend trips and short getaways, this license can be acquired for $16.

Additional Permit Requirements

While an appropriate fishing license caters to most angling needs in Tennessee, some specific scenarios require additional permits:

1. Trout Stamp: If you plan on fishing specifically for trout, including catch-and-release activities in certain areas designated as trout waters by the state, you will need to purchase an additional trout stamp costing $20 annually.
2. All-Water Sportfishing License (Non-residents): Anglers seeking to fish both freshwater and saltwater must acquire this permit separately with an annual fee of $99.

Purchasing a Fishing License

Acquiring your fishing license in Tennessee is convenient and hassle-free. Here are three common approaches:

1. Online Purchase: The quickest way to obtain your permit is through the official website of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). Visit their website and follow their step-by-step process to complete your online purchase securely.
2. Local Licensing Agents: Numerous authorized retailers throughout Tennessee offer fishing licenses over-the-counter. These include outdoor sporting goods stores, bait shops, marinas, and even some county clerk offices—making it easy for individuals who prefer face-to-face transactions or may not have internet access.
3. Phone Purchase: For those who prefer assistance from TWRA customer service representatives or find it more convenient than online procedures; call toll-free at 1-888-814-8972 during business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing Licenses in Tennessee

Do I need a separate license for saltwater fishing in Tennessee?

No, a regular fishing license covers both freshwater and saltwater fishing in Tennessee. However, non-residents wishing to fish both must obtain the All-Water Sportfishing License.

Are there any exemptions or reduced rates for military personnel or disabled individuals?

Yes, Tennessee offers discounted licenses for active-duty military personnel and disabled veterans. Visit the TWRA website or contact them directly to understand eligibility criteria and required documentation.

When does my fishing license expire?

Most annual licenses in Tennessee are valid from March 1st through the last day of February of the following year. However, be sure to check your specific license expiration date as some permits may have alternative renewal periods.

In conclusion, obtaining a fishing license is an essential step before embarking on a memorable angling experience in Tennessee’s picturesque landscapes. Familiarize yourself with different types of licenses available based on residency status and duration of stay. Remember to respect local regulations while enjoying nature’s bounty responsibly – ensuring preservation of these natural resources for generations to come!