Discover the Affordable Price of a Fishing License in Missouri: Your Complete Guide

How Much is a Fishing License in Missouri?


Fishing is a beloved recreational activity that allows people to relax and connect with nature. If you’re an angler residing in beautiful Missouri or planning a fishing trip there, one crucial requirement is obtaining a fishing license. In this blog post, we will explore the details regarding the cost of fishing licenses in Missouri for both residents and non-residents.

Fishing Licenses for Residents

For those fortunate enough to call Missouri home, obtaining a fishing license comes at an affordable price. The state offers various options based on different durations and types of fishing activities:


Annual Fishing License:

– Cost: $12
– Allows you to fish throughout the entire calendar year.


Daily Fishing License:

– Cost: $7
– Suitable for individuals who only plan to fish occasionally or during short visits.

Note: Anglers aged 65 years or older are eligible for discounted annual licenses costing only $6.

Fishing Licenses for Non-Residents

Missouri warmly welcomes non-resident anglers by offering them several options tailored to their needs:


Annual Fishing License:

– Cost: $49
– Grants access to fish throughout the year regardless of duration of stay.


Six-Day Fishing License:

– Cost: $31
– Perfect for visitors planning extended weekend getaways or week-long vacations.

3. Daily Fishing License:Special Fishing Permits

In addition to the standard fishing licenses, Missouri offers a few special permits for specific situations:


Youth Lifetime Fishing Permit:

– Cost: $300
– Available for children aged 15 and under.


Three-Year Disability Fishing Permit:

– Cost: $12
– Applicable to individuals with disabilities that affect their mobility or require the use of assistive devices.

Note: Senior citizens who are residents of Missouri may request lifetime fishing permits at no cost if they meet certain criteria regarding residency duration and age.

Purchasing a License

Missouri provides anglers with convenient ways to purchase their fishing licenses:


Online Purchase:

– Visit the official website of the Missouri Department of Conservation.
– Follow the instructions provided and complete your purchase using a credit/debit card.


Retailer Locations:

– Find an authorized local retailer such as sporting goods stores, bait shops, or outdoor recreation centers where you can buy your license in person.

Note: Make sure to carry your fishing license while engaging in any related activities and have appropriate identification available upon request by conservation agents.

In Conclusion

Obtaining a fishing license is essential for both residents and non-residents planning to enjoy this wonderful hobby within the picturesque landscapes of Missouri. With options catering to various needs, durations, and budgets, acquiring a permit has never been easier! Be sure to secure your license before casting your line into one of Missouri’s many lakes or rivers; it will not only ensure compliance with state regulations but also contribute towards protecting our natural resources for future generations. Happy angling!