Unveiling the Cost of a Fishing License in Utah: Your Comprehensive Guide

The Cost of Fishing License in Utah: All You Need to Know

If you’re an angler planning to explore the beautiful lakes, rivers, and reservoirs of Utah, it’s important to understand the cost associated with obtaining a fishing license. By acquiring a fishing license, you not only comply with state regulations but also contribute towards conservation efforts and maintaining sustainable fish populations. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of how much a fishing license costs in Utah.

Resident Fishing License Costs

For residents of Utah who are 12 years or older, there are various options when it comes to purchasing a fishing license:

  • Annual Fishing License: The annual resident fishing license is priced at $34.00.
  • Youth Annual Fishing License: Children aged 12-13 can obtain an annual fishing license for $5.00.
  • Ages 14-17 Annual Combination Hunting & Fishing: This combination license costs $16.00 annually for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17.
  • Ages 18–64 Annual Combination Hunting & Fishing: Residents falling within this age bracket can purchase an annual combination hunting and fishing permit for $34.00.
  • Sr Citizen Lifetime Combination Hunting/Fishing/Trapping License (age 65+): Anglers aged 65 or older have the option to acquire a lifetime combination hunting/fishing/trapping licenses costing only $10.50.

Fishing Licenses for Non-Residents

If you don’t reside in Utah but wish to cast your line while visiting the state, non-resident fishing licenses are available. The costs for these licenses differ from those for residents:

  • 1-Day Fishing License: A 1-day license can be obtained by non-residents for $16.00.
  • 8-Day Fishing License: Non-residents planning an extended fishing trip within Utah may opt for the 8-day fishing license priced at $40.00.
  • An annual combination of hunting and fishing license: Non-residents seeking to engage in both hunting and fishing activities can purchase this combination license at a cost of $85.00.

Add-ons and Special Permits

In addition to the standard fishing licenses, there are several add-ons and special permits that anglers might need or want depending on their specific requirements:

  • Youth Conservation Permit ($5.00): This permit allows young anglers aged 11-17 to fish in designated areas without further payment of fees.
  • Fishing Enhancement Donation (any amount): Anglers who wish to contribute more towards enhancing fish populations or maintaining fisheries can make donations of any amount during their licensing process.
  • Cutthroat Slam Permit ($20.00): For those targeting cutthroat trout species, this permit lets you participate in the Cutthroat Slam challenge while contributing towards conservation efforts focused on native trout restoration projects.