Decoding the Cost of Fishing License in Tennessee: A Must-know Guide!

How Much Does a Fishing License Cost in Tennessee?

If you’re an avid angler or simply enjoy spending time by the water, obtaining a fishing license is essential before casting your line in Tennessee. Not only does it ensure that you are adhering to local regulations and conservation efforts, but it also supports wildlife management programs across the state. In this blog post, we will break down the cost of fishing licenses in Tennessee and provide all the information you need to get started on your fishing adventures.

Tennessee Fishing License Overview

Before diving into specific costs, let’s first understand some basic details about fishing licenses in Tennessee:

  • Fishing licenses are typically required for anyone age 13 or older.
  • The license is valid for one year from its date of purchase.
  • Resident and non-resident options are available at different price points.

Resident Fishing License Costs

If you’re a resident of Tennessee, here are the current costs associated with obtaining a fishing license:

  • Annual Resident Fishing License: $34.00
  • Lifetime Resident Combination Hunting & Fishing License (ages 0-12): $402.50
  • Lifetime Resident Sportsman License (ages over three days old – senior adults):
    $1,002.00 – $1,602.50 based on age brackets.

    *Discounts may be available based on age eligibility.*

    Non-Resident Fisheries Fees

    < p > If you ‘re visiting Tennessee from out of state, the following fees apply for non-residents:

    • 3-Day Tourist Fishing License: $20.50
    • 10-Day Tourist Fishing License: $30.50
    • Annual Non-Resident Fishing License:
      $51.00 (for residents of bordering states)
      $100.00 (for residents of other states)

    Purchasing a Tennessee Fishing License

    In today’s digital age, obtaining a fishing license is convenient and hassle-free.

    1. Online Purchase:
      You can easily purchase your fishing license online through the official Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency website.
    2. In-Person Purchase:

      If you prefer a more personal approach or have questions regarding different license options, you can visit one of the numerous authorized agents across the state.

      li >< str ong > Phone Purchase:< / strong >
      You can also buy your fishing license by calling the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency directly at their toll-free number.

      Remember to provide accurate information and proof of residency if applicable when purchasing your fishing license.

      Fishing with Confidence in Tennessee!

      A valid fishing license grants you access to breathtaking lakes, rivers, and streams that span across beautiful Tennessee. Whether you’re after trout in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or casting for bass in Kentucky Lake – knowing that you are contributing to wildlife conservation makes every catch even more rewarding.

      We hope this guide has provided valuable information about how much a fishing license costs in Tennessee. Now go grab your gear, get your license, and embark on unforgettable fishing adventures across the Volunteer State!