Unveiling the Cost of a Fishing License in New Hampshire: Essential Information for Anglers

How Much Does a Fishing License Cost in New Hampshire?

Fishing is a beloved pastime enjoyed by many in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Whether you’re an avid angler or just looking to spend a relaxing day on the water, obtaining a fishing license is essential. However, before you embark on your fishing adventures, it’s important to know the cost of a fishing license in New Hampshire and where you can purchase one.

Why Do You Need a Fishing License?

A fishing license is required by law for anyone aged 16 or older who wishes to fish recreationally in New Hampshire. This includes both residents and non-residents alike. The revenue generated from fishing licenses helps support fisheries conservation efforts, maintain fish populations, and preserve natural habitats.

The Importance of Fisheries Conservation

Fisheries conservation plays a vital role in preserving aquatic ecosystems and ensuring sustainable fishing practices for future generations. By purchasing a fishing license, you contribute directly to these initiatives and help protect the environment that supports countless species of fish.

Types of Fishing Licenses

New Hampshire offers various types of fishing licenses tailored to meet different needs:

Resident Fishing Licenses

If you are a resident of New Hampshire aged 16-68 years old, the following options are available:

  • One Day Resident Freshwater Fishing License: $10
  • Three-Day Resident Freshwater Combo Fishing/Hunting License: $25
  • Annual Resident Freshwater/Saltwater Combo Fishing/Hunting/Trapping License: $56 (for ages 16-66) or $32 (ages 67+)

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses

If you are a non-resident or a resident aged 69 or older, the following options are available:

  • One Day Non-Resident Freshwater Fishing License: $15
  • Three-Day Non-Resident Freshwater Combo Fishing/Hunting License: $35
  • Annual Non-Resident Freshwater/Saltwater Combo Fishing/Hunting/Trapping License: $85
  • Lifetime Combination Hunting/Fishing/Trapping License (Non-residents): $1,000 (ages 5 and under), $500 (ages 6-15), or $350 (ages 16+)

Purchasing Your Fishing License in New Hampshire

Obtaining your fishing license is quick and convenient. You have several options to purchase one:

In-Person Purchase:

You can buy your fishing license from various authorized vendors across New Hampshire, including bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores, town clerks’ offices, fish hatcheries, and some department stores.

Online Purchase:

The New Hampshire Fish & Game Department provides an easy-to-use online portal where you can purchase your fishing license from the comfort of your own home. Simply visit their website and follow the instructions to complete your transaction securely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing Licenses in New Hampshire

Do Children Need a Fishing License?

No, children under the age of 16 do not need to obtain a fishing license in order to fish legally within the state of New Hampshire.

Can I Fish without a License in New Hampshire?

No, fishing without a valid license is illegal in New Hampshire for anyone aged 16 or older. Violators may face fines and penalties as determined by state law.

Are Fishing Licenses Transferable between Individuals?

No, fishing licenses are non-transferable and can only be used by the individual named on the license at the time of purchase. Each person intending to fish must have their own valid fishing license.


Fishing in New Hampshire offers endless opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation. By investing in a fishing license, you not only comply with state regulations but also contribute to vital conservation efforts that sustain our aquatic ecosystems. Now that you know how much a fishing license costs in New Hampshire and where to obtain one, go ahead and cast your line into the pristine waters of this beautiful state!