Exploring New Hampshire: Unveiling the Cost of Fishing Licenses

Fishing Licenses in New Hampshire: Everything You Need to Know


Are you an avid angler planning a fishing trip to the beautiful state of New Hampshire? Before casting your line into their pristine lakes and rivers, it’s important to be aware of the fishing license requirements. In this article, we will delve into the details of fishing licenses in New Hampshire, including different types available and their associated costs.

Why Do You Need a Fishing License?

As an environmentally-conscious state, New Hampshire imposes fishing license regulations to maintain sustainable fisheries and protect aquatic wildlife. These licenses contribute towards conservation efforts such as habitat restoration projects, fish stocking initiatives, research programs, and educational campaigns.

Main Types of Fishing Licenses in New Hampshire

Non-Resident Fishing License

If you are not a resident of the great Granite State but still want to experience its excellent freshwater angling opportunities, you’ll require a non-resident fishing license. This license is perfect for out-of-state visitors or those who don’t meet the residency criteria set by the state.

Resident Fishing License

New Hampshire residents have access to discounted fishing licenses compared to non-residents. To qualify for a resident fishing license in New Hampshire, you must provide proof of residency such as an ID card or driver’s license issued by the state.

Youth Fishing License

Encouraging young enthusiasts’ participation in outdoor activities is paramount for fostering future generations’ love for nature. Therefore, New Hampshire offers youth fishing licenses at reduced rates exclusively for individuals aged 16 years old or younger.

Fishing License Costs:

Non-Resident Fees:

For non-residents visiting from outside of New England states:
1 day – $15.00
3 days – $28.00
7 days – $35.00
Season (year-long) – $63.00

For non-residents visiting from New England states (Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut):
1 day – $10.00
3 days – $18.00
7 days – $28.00
Season (year-long) – $53.50

Resident Fees:

Ages 16-64: $45.50
Ages 65 and older: Free

One-day license for ages 16 and older:

Combination hunting/fishing licenses are also available at an additional cost.

Youth Fees:

Youth Season License:
Ages 12–15: $11
Under age 16:$0

Where to Obtain Fishing Licenses


New Hampshire fishing licenses can be purchased in person at various locations throughout the state such as town halls, sporting goods stores, bait shops, or Fish & Game offices.


Conveniently purchase your fishing license online through the official website of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing Licenses in New Hampshire

Do I need a fishing license if I’m only catch-and-releasing?

Yes! Regardless of whether you plan to keep or release your catch, a valid fishing license is required to engage in any form of angling within New Hampshire’s waters.

What happens if I fish without a valid license?

Fishing without a proper license violates state regulations and may result in penalties including fines or even suspension of future fishing privileges within the state.

Are there any exceptions to needing a fishing license?

Yes, certain exemptions exist such as during designated free fishing days or for individuals who hold commercial licenses specific to their trade. However, it’s essential to review the state regulations or consult with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department if you believe you may qualify for an exemption.

In Conclusion

New Hampshire offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities in its picturesque lakes, ponds, and rivers. To participate legally and contribute towards preserving these natural resources, anglers are required to possess valid fishing licenses. Whether you’re a resident or non-resident angler planning your next trip to this beautiful state, ensure compliance with all licensing requirements before casting your first line. So grab your gear and get ready for an unforgettable angling adventure in the captivating waters of New Hampshire!