5 Simple Homemade Carp Bait Recipes For Fishing Beginners

Fishing is a repetitive activity. For some people go to the tackle shop bait, prepare your pole, prepare the equipment, and go to the location will be boring. For the first time, buying the already made or instant bait is quick and helpful. But after some time, you will need something fun and challenging. Which is making your own simple homemade carp bait. If you are interested, here are some simple recipes that fit for beginner anglers.

1. The Old-Time Wheaties Cereal Recipe Of Instant Catch Bait

The first recipe consists of the infamous Wheaties cereal. Generally, the product is made as breakfast cereals that have high nutrition and good athletes’ meals. Many people are liking this product. But surprisingly, the carp also enjoy the cereal! Well, not as a whole cereal but it needs to be mixed with other ingredients. However, the contains loads of various healthy grain including corn. Which are healthy and also a safe feeder for carp to taste.

What you need are crumbled Wheaties cereal, a cup of flour, garlic salt, and drinking water. Sound great for cooking time! No! remember you will turn them into a carp bait! First, you will need a medium-sized bowl so you can mix all the ingredients well. Use a spatula to make sure the ingredient has mixed well. Second, knead the mixture just like making a consistent cookies dough. The trick is adding a small amount of water while kneading it.

Third! Once you have a dough texture, form the mixture into boilie sizes. You can adjust the size depending on the hook you will use later. And done! Not that hard right? But how this bait works? this cereal packed with numerous grains that similar to grain boilies. It contains cornmeal, bran, oats, crisp rice, wheat, and many more. Along with it, the garlic salt adds carps’ favorite flavor. Which made this work as a great attractant.

2. The Simple And Effective Cornmeal Bait

The next homemade carp bait recipe will be perfect for you, beginner angler. As you decide to make your carp bait, you can use cornmeal as the main ingredient. Since a long time ago, corn is considered as one of the most effective bait for carp. Even more unexpected, this ingredient also works wonders for other fishes like perch and trout. So, you don’t need to worry. This simple recipe will work as effective as well as being an inexpensive solution for new anglers.

Let’s start with the ingredients that only consist of a can of whole sweetcorn and vanilla extracts. That is! Only two ingredients needed. You can buy it for cheap too. Then, what to do? First, open the can and drain the water inside the cornmeal, while leaving just a small amount to keep the remaining corn moist. Second, add a tad bit of vanilla extracts (just enough to cover the can). Why a vanilla extract? Because the carps like and attracted to this flavor.

Lastly, use a plastic sheet to cover the can opening and then shake it well to mix the corn bits and the vanilla well. Finished! Your bait is ready. You can attach it to your hook to lure and eventually land the carp. If you wonder how this bait work, the answer is simple. Carp love vanilla and the color of corn is very attractive for them. When the bait released into the water, it instantly turns into attractant. Don’t forget to use a small hook to represent the corn better.

3. The Traditional Anglers Favorite- Cornbread Mix Carp Bait

You know that corn is an effective bait, but how about mixing it with bread? You will be surprised by how well the combination of this homemade carp bait recipes work. Those two ingredients are the most popular bait among traditional anglers. It appears as a bright yellow and delicious food for carp. This recipe also perfect for lake fishing. To make this recipe you will need a box of sweet cornbread mix as addition and make the mixture well.

You need 2 slices of bread, 1 can of cream corn, and the sweet cornbread mix. If you have those ingredients ready, now let’s start the mixing. First, mix all of them in a bowl. You can pinch the bread to bits to make it easier to mix and blend well with other stuff. After that add the cram corn along with the water and the cornbread mix. Second, combine it until you come up with a thick consistent paste. Balance the water and the cornbread when mixing it.

It is not done yet. The third step is to wait and let the mixture sit for around 10 – 15 minutes. Here, the paste will allow the cream corn moisture to seep into the mix that has bread inside. Then the fourth step is, form it into baits balls that fit with your hook size. If later the mixture became soggy, use PVA bags to shape it. That’s it! those all you need to do to make this recipe. If you are contemplating about the success rate, don’t worry! It works.

This homemade carp bait recipe allows you to make something that is affordable, easy, and also works. These baits have been known, used, and proved effective for years. It may look ridiculous and unappealing as a readymade bait, but the content of the bait can attract carp. In this recipe, the cream corn is used as an attractant because it has a flavorful sauce. You should consider this recipe to gain even more experience.

4. The Exciting Strawberry Jelly Oats Bait

Looking for something fun? Try this recipe! Rather than using the same corn and bread mix, you can make a unique bait using jelly. Even more interesting, you will use the strawberry-flavored one. If humans enjoy this food, why not carp? Surprisingly, this bizarre recipe works as effectively as the previous recipes. Intrigued? You better try it first. All you need for this idea are water, 3 ounces of strawberry jelly, and 2 cups of plain instant oats as an extra taste.

Don’t you need to cook the jelly? No, you don’t need to. If you are going to eat it, then you need to cook it. But here, no. All you need is to mix all the ingredients in a Ziploc bag. You can use a spoon, and shake the bag aggressively (you can do it normally though) until everything is blended perfectly. Then, lay the Ziploc bag flat while flattening any uneven spots and lumps. Let it rest up for around three days to let the mixture hardened.

Now your bait is ready, you can cut your jelly homemade carp bait into bits and match it with the size of your hook. The bright red color from strawberry will stand and attract the carp, upon inside the water. What you make here contains flavor and healthy oats, which is great for carp meal anyway. You can also add some color diversify by adding corn bits, that can give a little more flavor to this simple homemade baits.

5. The Powerful Homemade Chicken Liver Carp Bait

If you don’t feel satisfied with the four recipes, then try this chicken liver carp bait recipe. Using any meat-based mix is a literal idea of creating powerful homemade bait. Many anglers say that chicken internal organs, such as liver, are the best bait ever. It is flavorful and irresistible for carp. Combined with oats, this recipe will prove you the effectivity and will make your carp fishing will be easier and faster to land.

The ingredients for this recipe are quick simple. You need a chicken liver, anise extract, and a 1-pound bag of plain grits oats (like Quaker). If you have all the ingredients ready, then go to the procedure. First! Put the bag of instant grits in a bucket and set it aside. Second, blend the liver and the anise extract until you have a liver paste. Third, mix all the pulsed liver plus extract into the bucket of grits. It will be getting solid.

And lastly, when the mixture solidified. Now you can form them into small boilie-like balls that fit with your hook. In the process, you might find it look messy or even disgusted. This homemade carp bait form also a little bit hard to place on the hook. But if it is done correctly, this chicken liver bait will very effectively. You can also use a PVA bag as a bait container. Puncture a hole on it, and then hook the bait bag.

That’s it! most of those recipe ideas are very easy to make with inexpensive material and also budget. Carp is omnivorous fish, so you don’t need to fuss about making the perfect bait for it. You just need to mix everything, form it to various shapes, apply it to the line, and voila your carps are coming to taste. All in all, crap is quite easy to catch due to its habit of eating a wide range of food. Which means, your homemade bait will work great.