The Green River Fishing Report and River Conditions Brief

The beautiful landscape along with the wide-open sagebrush filed, and glorious wide river mountains, are one thing you can find in Green River. However, despite being satisfied with all you can see above, what beneath the water are the main reasons that attract outdoor enthusiast. The weekly or even monthly green river fishing report comes with information regarding the river conditions and best bets you can lands, which summarized in this article.

The High River Flows 8,600 CFS

The river will eventually have fluctuating river flows from time to time. It can depend on the seasons and weather, which is very much important to understand before you go. In this case, from the most recent report, the Green river that located way below Flaming Gorge Reservoir will release 1010 CFS. But, over time it can bump to 4,600 CFS and even higher rates as high as 8,600 CFS. It will progressively be getting lower.

Worth noting that when the level goes above 1,500 CFS wading is not possible and better to be avoided. You can opt for floating using a boat instead. Based on local green river fishing reports, the high rate will mostly stay until July. If anglers are going in this period, streamer fishing and nymphing along the edges are recommended. It also advised being well prepared for all the possible occurrences.

The River Flows Around 1,705 CFS

The CFS (Cubic Feet per Second) is still considered very high. The greatest flows might come on 1,000 to 1,500 CFS which wading is still possible and floating come into its own. Once again, the river flows can be in the unstable states thus it better to get to know it better. The 1,705 CFS are the most recent reported flows for the Jordanelle Reservoir. Best to know, that this is not a suitable flow for wade in.

From many monthly and yearly green river fishing reports state that in this high flows, you should be careful and make smart decisions. While it can be dangerous, opt for fishing on the slower side channels or the waters beside the bank. Some structures around the location might help relieve the current. In the meantime, fishes will move and shelter on the slower sides, thus fish on rivers edges or any side channels.

The Low River Flows 200 CFS

On the weber located in between Wanship and Coalville, the expected flowing is at 200 CFS and 218 CFS. This CFS is considered very low and safe for wading and a slow floating. However, in this type of location, the flow will displace the fish for a few days. Even more, the local and official green river fishing report states that the flow might go up even higher. In this case, it is better to wait until the flow subsides.

All in all, this location is a great place to fish while enjoying the grand landscape. While it is enjoyable, it is very important to understand the river condition and flows. As the Green Rivers have many spots, some flow rates might be different in certain locations. The flow will affect the fish location and possible fishing safety. Thus, make sure to know it before you went to the Green River.