Fishing Report for Kerr Lake 2020: One Of The Best Largemouth Bass Fisheries

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In the U.S. states of North Carolina and Virginia, a location known as Kerr Lake or Bugg’s island lake is a reservoir which offers a great number of fishes. This location is the largest reservoirs in the Southern Eastern United States. With the 50,000 acres, the lake is popular with abundances of large-mouth bass, crappie, striped bass, and many more. For more information, check out this fishing report for Kerr lake.

Largemouth Bass

Just as said before, the location is known as the largest reservoir. In this case, the location is also known as the best largemouth bass fisheries. Based on the surveys, the growth and reproduction rate are high. The best location is on the upper end and the lower end creek arms. In many cases, you can find this species throughout the years. However, opt to fish the backs of coves and the points when the water levels rise in spring.


Bugg island is also well-known for its crappie. Fishing report for Kerr lake, proudly explains that the best time is always on the pre-spawn and spawn times around February through April. However, the catch will mostly available all year round. If you are interested to get one, opt for Bluestone, Grassy, Buffalo, and Butcher creeks. You don’t need any advanced technique or bait, but knowledge of the best time and location is important.

Striped Bass

The striped bass population will always or should be familiar each year. Just like the other species, this fish will mostly available in each season. During fall and winter, the best location to fish is from Clarksville Bridge and Goat Island. In the spring, the Kerr lake fishing report explains that you can expect an abundance of striped Bass on the upper end of the lake and also in the river above the lake.

During summer, the high temperature and the dissolved oxygen force the habitat to move to the lower end of the lake. You can find it in the dam to about Buoy 9 or you can go in the mouth of Nutbush Creek. Worth noting that there is a special regulation when you go fishing in summer. Due to the high rate of mortality of striped bass, the anglers should retain their regular size fish 20 inch or over for the day.

Kerr Lake Catfish and White Perch

In this wide location, you can encounter other species of fishes. Just as expected, the Fishing Report for Kerr Lake proudly tells you that the channel catfish is always traditionally most sought after catfish in Kerr Lake. At the same time, blue and flathead catfish also become popular nowadays. Other than that, the white perch population is starting to replace the white bass population.

That is all the information about fishing in Kerr lake or Bugg’s island. As it has a wide location, you can expect an abundance of fish populations here. The largemouth bass, crappie, and the striped bass are the most and favorite catch. even though it is available in most seasons, the location and the water level will greatly affect your experience. Thus, check and make sure you come in the right place and time.