Fishing Report For Bodega Bay 2020: a Whole Year Seasonal Guides

When it comes to fishing, what is the most important aspect? Other than technique, spots, and populations, time also plays a significant role in fishing. Not only day or night, but also seasons. One location that flourished with fishes is Bodega Bay. You can catch any kind of fish for the whole year. But eventually, the seasons gave its best effect. Here are the best season information and fishing report for Bodega Bay you should know about.

Here Is The Month Or Seasons and the Best Catch Information

January To March

Do you know that you can get various catch in this location? Even though the fishes are scarce, instead you can opt to do crabbing. In the range of January to March, crabbing and shore fishing are most favorable. Since charter boats aren’t much around in this period, anglers can fish in the incoming tide or clamming at low tide. While waiting for the Rockfish season, the most catch will consist of crab, perch, flounders, or leopard sharks.

April And May

The warmer temperature along in April is the start of the spring season. Since the spring has sprung, the Rockfish season is starting. Based on the weekly or annual fishing report for Bodega Bay, the white seabass will be showing up and the halibut fishing will be rising. This time around, expect bigger crowds in charter boats. Try to join the fully up and running boat fishing to catch Rockfish and Lingcod fish.

June To August Are The Peak season

The mid-year is known as the peak of fishing season in Bodega Bay. In June, the warm temperature and clear weather are the sign of Rockfish and Salmon season. There will be plenty of 20lb salmon you can expect around July. Until August, most of the fishing reports and forecasts in Bodega Bay will announce this time as the strongest or the peak of Rockfish, Seabass, Halibut, and Salmon seasons.

September – October

The forecast and fishing report for Bodega Bay will say that the Salmon gradually become scarce. The temperature and weather will start to changes. However, September comes with Tuna as an alternative. Opt for offshore boat fishing since the fall weather will accompany you for great catches and smooth sailing experiences. In October, while doing offshore fishing you can also catch Albacore and Tuna ass well.

November to December

November starts with colder weather and winter season. Most of the time fishes are scarce, yet the Dungeness crab is in season. Around November, crabbing is the best you can do. But the most versatile and available year-round fish, Halibut and Rockfish, is still catchable with bottom fishing. Many of the weekly fishing report for Bodega Bay state that in December the temperature drops significantly, but still offer superb catches.

All in all, Bodega Bay offers a whole year fishing opportunity. While some particular fishes are surfacing in a certain month, but you can always catch something different each time. The peak time is around June to August which is considered as salmon or rockfish seasons. However, there are also Albacore, halibut, perch, flounder, white seabass, or even crab that mostly available through all the months.