Fishing in Tampa Bay: 4 Best Spots

Tampa Bay is the right spot for fishing in Florida. With more than 200 species of fishes living in the water, Tampa Bay is regarded to be the crown place between Florida’s fishers. It becomes the biggest open-water estuary in all areas of Sunshine State with some special things. It doesn’t get surprised by you in which fishing in Tampa Bay is awesome.

The Techniques of Fishing in Tampa Bay

When you decide to fish in Tampa Bay, all fishing techniques will give you something. There are some fishing styles to explore Tampa Bay. If you are a beginner, it needs to rent a professional fisher to teach you fishing correctly.

Fishing from Shore

If you tend to love fishing on the land, you need to do more things in Tampa Bay. In this area, it is full of the bridge, port, and perfect beaches for fishing. The bay water area is full of beautiful fishes and even if you have no ship, you can get an amazing time in this place. If you have a solo fisher, you will get surprised by fishing chances in the bay area. One of the most popular places for fishers is at Sunshine Skyway Bridge separating the bay from Tampa Bay. You can target any fishes from Snook and Pompano to Grouper to Mackerel.

Fishing with a Charter

It becomes the best choice of fishing in Tampa Bay for the fishers benefiting the time on the water. Whatever the technique used during fishing will trap fishes out from the water. Even, if you get interested in pursuing a monster offshore, you can order a trip in the deep sea and fishing to hunting the next charter.

Kayaking Fishing

Kayak fishing becomes another fishing technique. You hold a big snook and sit on the kayak. You can find grass flat and fishes in this bay. Kayak fishing becomes a fun fishing activity because you need to handle your kayak during fishing.

The Best Spot for Fishing in Tampa Bay

If you want to catch fish in Tampa Bay, you can fish in the right spot during fishing to get more fishes.

1. Piercing Sunshine Fishing Pier

If you find a good fishing spot in Tampa Bay, go to the fishing port in Sunshine Skyway. It has two miles away from fishing spot offering the best chance to catch various fish species. It opens 24 hours a day in which you need to pay a daily entrance fee.

2. Fort Desoto County Park

Fort Desoto County Park offers open water access to fish and catch fishes and has been a popular fishing spot in Tampa Bay, you can easily access from Mexico Bay and Tampa Bay. It is more protected for the family trying to fish for the first time.

3. Bishop’s Harbor

The next spot for fishing is Bishop’s Harbor. It contains lines of Mangrove beaches and shallow plains functioning to be the main habitat for sea salt species. Before going to this spot, you need to check the graphic of ebb and flow because it becomes the most productive fishing spot.

4. Reservoir Medard Edward

It has a freshwater fishing spot in Tampa Bay. You shouldn’t miss the chance to go this fishing spot to get bass largemouth and bass sunshine. It is a reclamation mining with an irregular shape. The changes in the deep and underwater structure become it to be the best place for fishing in Tampa Bay.