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Fishing in Oklahoma: Small and Largemouth Bass

Large and small mouth bass fishing is a very exciting activity and a great way to have fun during a family outing. There are many items that you need to know before you begin bass fishing in Oklahoma. The seasons are the same as with other types of fish. Spring is the spawning season of the bass. They like to take cover much like crappies do in shaded areas where there are many stumps and trees limbs. The best places to fish during spring are along the banks in shallower water. In summer you can still fish along the banks, but in deeper water. Fall is identical to summer. During winter the bass tend to bite slower, but you can still catch them along the banks in deeper water.

You can use either artificial or live bait. If you are fishing for live bait you will need a variety of items. You will need bass worm hooks, which a good brand is Tru‑Turn’s Blood Red Bass Worm Hooks. You will also need a minnow bucket if you plan on using minnows or crawdads, which are also referred to as crayfish and crawfish. The best minnow buckets are made of galvanized steel because they do not get damaged easy or rust. The live bait you can use consists of crawdads, bass minnows, and nightcrawlers. The bass love each of these so you should not have any problems catching any fish.

For artificial bait, you will need an even more vast variety of tackle. You will still need the bass worm hooks that I mentioned earlier. Crank baits should be included in the tackle portion. Make sure to get a variety of the crank baits though, such as top water and rattles. You can also se artificial worms, which come in a variety of colors, scents, and textures. Many people use salt worms in Oklahoma. However, I prefer the use of PowerBait Worms, which are black in color. PowerBait Worms have a very strong scent that the bass go crazy for. I have tried Gulp Worms, but have never had that much luck with them. Spinner baits are another great option for you. I would make sure to include a large variety of colors as bass can change what they like quickly. It is important to remember this when fishing with bass. You should never include just one type of tackle.

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