Fishing for White Perch: 3 Types of Bait

Fishing activities are often the mainstay of everyone’s activities to relieve fatigue and stress from daily activities. Fishing is also often a hobby of someone to channel their talents or to fill spare time. There are many types of fish that can be targeted for fishing, but often fishing for white perch.

Not without a reason why there are so many people eyeing this white perch. Usually, true anglers aim for this type of fish because of the sensation of fishing when getting this fish. White perch often provide a fairly strong resistance when eating bait installed by anglers, such as jumping on water or requiring extra strong force to pull it ashore.

Besides, coupled with the weight of this fish which often has a large size and weight, making it a target fish that can not be targeted by ordinary anglers or beginners. Therefore, often the anglers who get the bait from the white perch will get their satisfaction later.

Even so, even skilled anglers cannot easily catch this white perch. In addition to requiring a high level of patience and the right technique, several things are needed to be able to get this white perch easily, which is the bait used when fishing. Without lingering, here are 3 types of bait that are very good for you to use when fishing for white perch later.

Small fish

One good bait when fishing for white perch is to use bait in the form of small fish. White perch fish themselves prey on small fish in the waters where they live to survive. Therefore, by using this small fish, will be able to attract the attention of white perch fish so that they can catch it easily.

Please note if you have to use small fish that are still alive. This is so that the white perch is interested in preying on the bait you are installing. Simply attach the fishing hook behind the small fish’s fins so that the small fish can move to attract the attention of the white perch. Avoid putting a hook around the eye area so that the bait of this small fish can survive longer.

White Shrimp

In addition to small fish, white perch fish also often prey on other small animals as food. If you plan to choose other small animals besides small fish, then you can use white shrimp. Installing it is quite easy. You just need to put a hook on the tail of the shrimp until it goes below the stomach. Use white shrimp that are still alive to be more attractive to white perch to eat it.


Finally, you can use squid as bait when fishing for white perch later. Squid bait is also considered the best bait that can be used both in rivers and at sea. Considering the habitat of white perch itself is in the river and the sea. Also, using squid as bait can be utilized both in living and dead conditions. For the record, if you use medium or large squid, then you use two fishing hooks at once with one other hook that is outside this bait.