4 Hotspot Fishing For Halibut In Alaska You Should Know

When talking about halibut fishing, Alaska has been and might be always been the best destination for you. Known as the largest flatfishes, halibut is the most common and the main target for anglers in Alaska. Located in the North Pacific from Southern California to Nome, there are numerous hotspot fishing for Halibut in Alaska. While there are numerous sites, it can hard to choose one. So, these are 4 hotspots you can opt to go.

These Are Four Hotspots For Halibut Fishing Located In Alaska.

The Infamous Halibut Hotspot Yakobi Island

In the Alexander Archipelago of Southeastern Alaska, there is Yakobi Island which offers almost any fish that can be caught. It is including the Halibut. Some places around the island such as Chicken patches offer smaller halibut which is easier to land. However, if you are seeking larger or decent size halibut (around 20+ lbs) you might need to take a few tries. However, most experts and experienced anglers said that the smaller ones have better taste.

The Picturesque Seaside Seward Town

Don’t stop in one location, try to move on a different location for a different experience and probably better surrounding. Fishing for Halibut in Alaska from the harbor town can be one satisfying trip as well. If you can spare 2.5-hour drive or 4.5-hour train travel, go to Seward town. You can do deep water fishing in North Gulf Coast, with one and a half-hour boat by the picturesque seaside town’s harbor. You can even encounter sea otters, sea lions, puffins, etc.

The Laid Back Harbor Town With The Richest Bay – Homer Town

Known as Alaska’s Halibut Capital, homer town is your next destination. While it takes longer drive than Seward, you can enjoy your trip in this laid-back town of fisherman and artist. The Kachemak Bay at the end of Sterling Highway is one of the richest bay in the world. Homer town fishing for Halibut in Alaska can be done in the prime location which is only 40 – 80 minutes from the harbor. While fishing you can enjoy the natural scenery and marine life.

The Pelican Island And Surrounding Areas

It is granted that Halibut is very good in other places as well. The Pelican island and the surrounding areas are the examples. It takes a bit of technique, but you can lure meatier fish on this site. It is very common to anchor and soaks bait in these sites. The smell of the bait will lure and follow the boat. You can stay in the current near the fish, and cast the bait. This strategy allows a very fast response for better experiences in fishing for Halibut in Alaska.

To summarize, it can be said that Alaska is brimming with halibut for almost year-round. However, summer is the best time for halibut fishing. Since the fishes are starting to spawn and migrate to shallower waters, you can find them in some hot locations around Alaska. Mainly the Yakobi island is the most favorite fishing destination. However, you can also come to Seward, Homer town, or Pelican island to land halibut.