Fishing Catfish At Night Tips: What To Prepare

When the night time comes, a lot of anglers will pack things up and head home. However, nighttime can be very beneficial for the fisher. At this point, some anglers prefer the night fishing to catch certain fish. One of the famous catch is catfish, especially during the summer. If you are interested in fishing catfish at night, this is some tips you should consider read beforehand.

Preparing The Tackle

Night fishing is more challenging because you can’t see well around you. This means even catching a simple catfish is much more difficult than the day. That is why, you should prepare your rod, lure, and reel before going out. At night, you can expect to land a bigger catfish, thus prepare for 50 pounds upward. If you are new at night fishing, it is better to go to your usual fishing place.

Preparing The Equipment

Other than your rigs, think about your other equipment and location. Since you can’t see clearly, arrange everything beforehand. Whether you are fishing catfish at night on the shore or in a boat, make sure you know where everything is. At the same time, don’t forget to get comfortable. You will be sitting plenty of time, thus prepare for comfortable seats and bring lantern or headlamp.

The Stuff You Should Pack Rod and Bait

Again, notice that you won’t be able to see properly at night, thus you may unable to notice the rod movement. In this case, you can attach a bell or a light on the end of your rod. With this, you can find out whenever the catfish got your bait. When talking about fishing, you need patients and energy. Opt for a rod holder, so you can sit back and relax when fishing catfish at night.

How about the bait? What is the best bait for catfish? The great thing about catfish is that they are very easy and interested in all kinds of bait. In this case, you can use chicken liver which is a very popular option. However, many anglers are successfully lured their cat with a lot of different bait. You can also use a nightcrawler as an alternative. One thing for sure, the stranger the smells, the better it attracts catfish.

Other Stuff To Pack

Carefully and thoroughly check all your stuff and other equipment you should pack beforehand. Remember, that at night most of the service is closed. Thus make sure you are ready with all of the needs. In the case of fishing catfish at night, don’t forget to bring bug spray. Your headlamp or lantern is the main attention grabber of big mosquitoes. At the same time, bring food and drink to accompany your time.

At least those are some preparation and packing tips you should consider. Night fishing offers a different vibe and atmosphere. However, you don’t need to fish catfish at night. This fish is active most of the time, thus you can opt for day fishing. If you set for night fishing, then prepare thoroughly the hook, location, and your equipment. Along with that, pack light, rod holder, bug spray, etc. to make your night fishing comfortable and productive.