Finding the Best Bass Fishing Locations

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The summer time can be one of the best times for scouting out your favorite spring time bass fishing locations for the next pre-spawn season. Most people would often consider looking for fishing locations during the season in which they intend to bass fish, and that is a logical time, but there is also another time to examine your favorite spots. This article will reveal some tips that you should pay close attention to during the summer months.

Carry a camera at All Times

If you are searching for the ideal fishing location you should always carry a camera with you. If you have the luxury you should invest in a decent digital and video camera if you intend to fish in tournaments. Many reservoirs, rivers, and streams have very low water levels during the summer months. This is the perfect time to put together a game plan for spring time bass fishing locations.

Get out the camera and take pictures of the logs and other debris that are revealed by the low water situations. When you return in the spring time to those locations you have a detailed catalog with pictures of all those now invisible hidden locations. You may be on bass that know one else is even aware of because they did not know that a ledge or big log was under the water in a certain location. The bass will most likely be on the debris that is covered during the spring months with higher water conditions. The bigger bass are lying in wait for an ambush in these logs and other structure.

Good Electronics Are Useful for Finding Good Fishing Locations

If you are fortunate enough to own a nice bass boat with quality electronics you can use the GPS system that these electronics incorporate into their fish finders. Mark the way points when you can see the structure and then return at another time when it may not be visible to others, but you know the secret spot because you have done your research. The technology today is so advanced that you can even see what is under the water. The best bass fishermen take note of everything they see and keep accurate records.